Okro and male fertility: what is the effect?

Okro and male fertility: what is the effect?

Many men monitor their health and adjust their diet in accordance with the recommendations of doctors. It is important to consider not only those products that increase potency but also pay attention to food that can suppress libido. Okro and male fertility - how are they related? Learn about this from the article below.

Okro plant

What is the Okro (Okra)?

Let us list several curious facts about this plant:

  • The place of its origin is Africa.
  • It is also called “lady's finger”.
  • The shrub reaches a height of 2 meters. The flowering plant is able to decorate any garden. It has beautiful yellow flowers that you can admire for a short period of time. They quickly close and disappear. After that, the edible part begins to grow.
  • A fibrous structure allows the stem to be used for paper production.
  • The plant is very tough as it can grow in a hot climate with a minimum water.
  • The edible part is the mucous and has a pleasant taste.
  • Leaves and seed pods are used in culinary. For many years, this vegetable is included in the main dishes of African and Indian cuisine. There are many ways to cook Okra. The plant can be eaten raw, boiled, included in soups. Making sauces and stews from this plant is quite popular.

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Okro and male fertility: What is the effect?
  • Fried seeds can serve as a substitute for coffee.
  • Okra benefits are great. The fibre contained in it reduces blood sugar level.
  • The lubricating properties of the Okra has a good laxative effect which helps to prevent constipation.
  • In addition, this plant gives the body a charge of energy, makes one stronger, get rid of depression, promotes rapid healing of ulcers, and maintains healthy joints.
  • There is a lot of magnesium in the Okra capable of eliminating asthma and muscle cramps.

Despite the fact that this vegetable is medicinal, it does not cure all diseases. When it comes to male potency it's crucial to be careful. The opinions of scientists are different. Some argue that zinc in Okra contributes to a better production of sperm and increases fertility. However, we will talk about why this may not always be the case.

Okra and male fertility

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Usually, during the treatment of infertility in couples, much attention is paid to the male aspect. In about 36-70% cases of infertility, the man is usually the problem.

According to Dr. Ochuko Erikainure, Senior Research Officer at the Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Lagos State, it’s better not to eat Okro if you want to if you are thinking of how to boost fertility. Experienced biochemist and nutritionist assured that Okro strongly changes a person's sex life. This nutritious product negatively affects the reproductive abilities of men.


Its composition includes a unique element Gossypol which stops the formation of several enzymes necessary for energy exchange the sperm production system. This pigment is mainly found in seeds. Even when used in small doses, it can affect the production of spermatozoa and lead to infertility.

Okro secretes the poorly soluble Gossypol as a protective agent against predators. Ochuko Erikainure said that in some countries, the seeds Okro act as natural contraceptives.

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However, one can't call Gossypol a bad element. Scientists have conducted researches relating to its potential cancer healing properties.

Nevertheless, if you plan to have a child in the near future, it's best not to use Okra. It can lead to atrophy of the male intimate organs.

If we continue the theme of the negative effects of Okra, this product is not suitable for people who are prone to the formation of kidney stones. This can be due to the high content of Oxalate. In large quantities, it can lead to negative consequences.

Okro and male fertility

Okra is unlikely to cause kidney stones, but it can aggravate the condition if one already suffered it..

Research with animals

Dr. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello from the Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, Lagos State University published information about his work in the journal of Phytology. He was assisted by Funmileyi Awobajo and Temitope Ijiwole.

To confirm people's theory about the Okra, the scientists conducted an experiment with adult male rats. They were kept in ordinary cells made of plastic. Throughout the study, the animals were provided with clean food and water.

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Okro rats

3 control groups were created. At the end of the experiment, all the groups passed through an analysis which made use of their epididymides and testes. The hormonal analysis was performed on the basis of blood collected in sterile bottles.

The results showed that the Okra reduced the weight of the testicles, suppressed the production of spermatozoa and the secretion of testosterone. Also, the involved rats had a reduced weight of the prostate gland. This organ performs auxiliary reproduction functions. 20% of sperm secretion depends on it. Abnormal samples of spermatozoa was also found.

After the experiment, a two-week recovery period was carried out. At the end, the animals did not recover fully.

Okro and fertility

As you can see, there are a lot of health benefits of Okro. But this plant is not useful in all cases. Remember this if you want to have a baby. Exclude Okro from your diet. We wish you health and prosperity in your family life!

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