List of state universities in Nigeria 2018 and courses they offer

List of state universities in Nigeria 2018 and courses they offer

We all know that there are three main categories of universities in Nigeria. We have the federal, private or state institutions. While most people prefer the federal institutions or can afford to shell out hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of naira every year for private universities, there are those of us who still desire to attend a state school. This is where a list of state universities in Nigeria becomes so handy. You will see your best choice right away.

List of state universities in Nigeria

We’ll only mention state universities that are officially accredited by the NUC. For 55, in a row, this University Commission has been approving educational programs in Nigeria and making sure that any institution has all the necessary equipment and personnel to teach citizens and foreign guests.

List of state universities in Nigeria

The number of educational institutions on this list keeps growing pretty fast. By the end of 2017, it has officially reached 46 entries. Chances are NUC will approve even more schools owned by the states in Nigeria in 2018. Let’s look at all the current universities we have now.

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  • Abia State University (their courses include Engineering, Law, Agriculture, Economics, Management, Humanities studies etc.)
  • The Technical University, Ibadan (the list of courses offered include Computer science, Agriculture, Software engineering, Mining, Mathematics etc.)
  • Borno State University (offers the courses in Law, Arts, Agriculture, Medical science, Veterinary medicine and others)
  • Kebbi State University of Science and Technology (the list of courses includes Science education, Engineering and Agriculture)
  • Bayelsa State University (students can study Theater art, History, Linguistics, Biology, Counseling, Tourism, Management etc.)
  • The Tai Solarin University of Education located in Ogun State (the list of disciplines includes Religious studies, Mathematics, Art, Political science, Economics, Business, Agriculture, Physics etc.)
  • Nasarawa State University (students get a choice of courses such as Agronomy, Finances, Agriculture, Accounting etc.)
  • Eastern Palm University located in Imo State (this institution offers courses in Biochemistry, Physics, Sociology, Literary studies, Philosophy, Computer science etc.)
  • Northwest University in Kano State (here, one can study Medical science, Humanities, Management and different sciences)
  • Niger Delta University located in Bayelsa State (Medicine, Business, Economics, Educational arts, Diplomacy and Health science are some of the courses offered here.)
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  • Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University in Niger State (the list of courses includes Management, Religious studies, Economics, Agriculture, Animal science, Psychology, Arabic studies etc.)
  • Kaduna State University (the courses here are Management, Agriculture, Chemistry, Computers, Business administration, Medicine and others)
  • Edo University Iyamho (here, you can study Engineering, Law, Medicine and different sciences)
  • Umaru Musa Yar'Adua University located in Katsina State (the list of disciplines includes Law, Management, Natural and other sciences, Humanities)
  • Taraba State University (you can study Engineering, Art, Management, Agriculture and Social sciences here)
  • Plateau State University (the possible disciplines are Applied science, Arts, Social and Natural sciences, Management)
  • Adamawa State University (list of courses includes Agriculture, Natural sciences, Economics, Business etc.)
  • Ekiti State University (students go here to learn Medicine, Law, different sciences, Art, Management and so on)
  • Lagos State University (it offers a number of courses such as Education, Law, Arts, Social science, College of medicine etc.)
  • River State University of Science and Technology (this state institution focuses on science and technology)
  • Moshood Abiola University of Science and Technology (here you can study Architecture, Banking, Finances, Engineering, Hotel management etc.)
  • Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo State (the list of courses includes Agricultural science, Law, Arts, Education etc.)
  • University of Medical Sciences located in Ondo State (the medical disciplines offered here include clinical, dental, nursing and allied health sciences)
  • Delta State University (you can apply to study Agricultural economics, Arts, English, Linguistics etc.)
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  • Osun State University (this is the place to learn Health science, Social science, Law, Technology, Culture etc.)
  • Ondo State University of Science and Technology (some of the courses are Agriculture, Science and Engineering)
  • Kano University of Science and Technology (the studies focus on Mathematics, Computer Engineering etc.)
  • Kogi State University (the list of disciplines includes Natural sciences, Law, Humanities, Art, Medicine and so on)
  • Akwa Ibom State University (this institution trains students in Management, Engineering, Agriculture and more)
  • Ambrose Alli University in Edo State (the education focuses on Medicine, Environmental sciences, Law, Technology)
  • Sokoto State University (there are three main faculties here: faculty of Education, Arts & Social sciences and Science)
  • Gombe State University of Science and Technology (you can study Arts, Health Science, Religion, Biology and other Natural and Social sciences etc.)
  • Kwara State University (its program covers different sciences and education such as Communication, Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinarian science)
  • Olabisi Onabanjo University located in Ogun State (it offers basic Medical science, Environment, Agriculture, Law, Art and other programs)
  • Sule Lamido University in Jigawa State (students choose to apply to this institution to study Humanities, Biology, Mathematics, English language, Physics, Computer science etc.)
  • Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University in Anambra State (you can study Religion, Theater arts, Soil, Crop and other Agricultural sciences, Architecture, Law, Business, Engineering, Geology etc.)
  • Bauchi State University (here you can get deep into Arts, Social science, Law, Health and Management)
  • The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology in Oyo State (students are offered Clinical and medical sciences, Agriculture, Architecture, Regional planning, Food science, Chemistry, Earth science, Physics, Accounting etc.)
  • The Ignatius Ajuru University of Education in Rivers State (this institution offers Humanities, Business and different sciences)
  • Benue State University (here you can study Accounting, French history, Theatre, Religion, Physics, Mathematics, Guidance, Chemistry etc.)
  • Imo State University (the courses include Agriculture, Administration, Engineering etc.)
  • Ebonyi State University (the departments are Clinical medicine, Art, Natural sciences etc.)
  • Yobe State University (you can study Civil and Sharia law, Political science, Islam, Sociology, Statistics, Mathematics, Geography etc.)
  • Enugu State University of Science and Technology (students are welcome to choose rom courses like Agriculture, Engineering, Management, Law, different sciences etc.)
  • Cross River State University of Science & Technology (this is a place to study Architecture, Mechanical engineering, Fisheries, Urban planning, Arts, Mass communication, Electronics, Biology etc.)
  • Gombe State University (the list of faculties includes Medical college, Arts, Social science, Biology, Geography, Public administration, Remedial studies and others)
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Remember that the list of NUC-accredited state Nigerian universities is constantly being updated. To make the right choice, you are highly advised to visit the official Nigeria University Commission website. This is the legal source to double check if your selected institution has been added to the list of trusted universities with official accreditation.

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