Different types of Ghana weaving hairstyles

Different types of Ghana weaving hairstyles

Ghana weaving hairstyles are the latest trend among African women. They are worn by lots of celebrities and many girls aspire to have their hair styled this way. They are also known as cornrows. Ghana braids are a perfect solution for those ladies whose hair is naturally curly. Besides, Ghana weaving styles are not only for women: a lot of men wear them too, including some famous people. In this article, you can read about the best styles of Ghana weaving.

Ghana weaving

The history of Ghana braids actually dates back to 500 B.C. when they first gained recognition in Africa. Originally, their main purpose was to give some honor to social status, age, religion, and ethnicity of people. Back then, the Ghana weaving styles were really creative: they could be styled as sculptures and hieroglyphs. Sometimes, you could even see a person with a sphinx-shaped hairstyle. These hairstyles were a popular culture among the slaves, who designed their hair in a really complicated way and protested when their masters wanted to straighten their hairstyle. In the end, their hair was just shaved off when they were sold. Somehow, the Ghana braid culture managed to survive through the middle ages.

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Nowadays, a lot of African women from different ethnic groups make creative Ghana weaving styles and shine brightly in them. It is a definite all-time trend among people of all ages and genders, even though women wear it more often than men. Ghana braids can be designed and decorated in so many different ways: they are stylish and modern, but at the same time they really depict the African culture. Some people add flowers, beads or other beautiful decorations to their braids. Ghana weaving can be of different length and thickness. Many ladies would like to find their perfect Ghana hairstyle, and in this article, we will show various styles for round and oval face. You will also get a tutorial on how to make an exclusive hairstyle on your own.

Beautiful Ghana braids

The braids can be done in different ways: in case you feel like all back does not fit your face perfectly.. You can make them shorter or longer, straight or zigzagged – it is completely up to you. However, it is commonly believed that Ghana weaving looks the best if the braids are long.

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Whether you have chosen the classic all back variant or other variations, you can decorate your braids as you wish – you might wrap up your braids by picking them up at the top. There are thousands of ways to personalize your braids! You can also add some wooden beads to give your hair some African vibes. Some people also add different colors to their braids – blond, gold, silver, purple and others. This makes your Ghana weaving look more festive.

Purple braids

Ghana weaving styles for round face

Do you have a round face and are wondering which hairstyle would be the most suitable for you? With this guide, you will be guaranteed a perfect weaving hairstyle.

1. All back Ghana weaving

Although there is a huge number of various hairstyles for every woman, and you can make the most beautiful masterpieces on your head, there is an acknowledged classic – a stylish and popular Ghana all back weaving. This will perfectly define your face and the hairstyle will still look brilliant.

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All back hair

2. Zigzag braids

These braids are the latest trend, and they always look neat, but at the same time stylish and a bit rebellious. For young women who would like to emphasize their individuality, zigzag braids are a perfect choice.

Zigzag braids

3. Cornrow Ghana braids grabbed together in a bun

This is probably the smartest-looking Ghana weaving hairstyle. It is absolutely perfect for students and office workers. While your buns will look stylish and modern, you will still preserve a modest and conservative look.

Cornrows in a bun

4. Bulky braids grabbed in a low bun

While these braids look really elegant, they are also not very time-consuming, meaning that you will not have to spend much time on styling them. This is a very comfortable choice for those ladies who have a limited amount of time. Asides that, it is advised to complement this hairstyle with big earrings.

Bulky braids in a low bun

5. 3D Ghana braids

You can add some volume to your braids by making them 3D. They are a huge trend in Nigeria and the whole Africa, and your beautiful 3D hairstyle will catch everybody’s eye. You can wear any kind of jewelry with these pretty braids, and you will certainly capture attention.

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3D Ghana braids

Ghana weaving styles for oval face

Women with oval face shape can also have a look at the best hairstyles that are suitable for them. Here you can see a collection of the most beautiful and unique braided hairstyles for people with an oval face.

1. Colorful braids

No matter if your braids are classic or fancy, you can always decorate them beautifully with different colors: blonde, green, pink, purple and others. It will add more personality to your hairstyle and everyone will appreciate it.

Purple weaving

2. Braids grabbed in two buns

Some might say this hairstyle might be more for younger girls; however, mature women also look gorgeous in it. This hair variation is amazing for various official events or casual hangouts with friends. It can be mixed with other styles, like zigzag.

Braids in two buns

3. Long thick braids

Why not make your precious braids a little thicker? By adding volume to your braids, you define them and make them stand out. Besides, there will be an equal accent on your hair and your facial features.

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Long thick braids

4. Side braids

These simple, but truly gorgeous braids are acceptable for every face shape and can be worn to special events

Side braids

5. Curly braids

You can also combine your natural curly hair and braids – who said this is not a great combination? If you do not want to make your whole hair braided, you can simply braid it on top of your head and leave the ponytail curly. By the way, it looks elegant and is absolutely amazing for oval face.

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Curly braids

How to make Ghana weaving hairstyle?

If you desperately want to have a nice and unique Ghana weaving hairstyle but do not know how to make it step-by-step, do not worry – this guide is just for you. Here, you can learn how to create masterpieces with your hair and take the first steps towards your dream hairstyle. It is not necessary to go to an expensive hair salon to make a great hairstyle: you can easily do it at home. Even if you are completely new to hair styling, you will still be able to create amazing braids with this quick advice.

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Weaving braids

1. The first step is quite obvious: you will have to wash your hair and then dry it. To check if it is dry, you should be able to move your fingers through it without straining.

2. Then, you should prepare the supplies that will be needed for your hair styling. You will need:

  • Hair cutting scissors
  • Hair pick
  • Hairpins
  • Packages of synthetic braiding hair
  • Spray or hair gel
  • Toothcombs

3. The next step will be parting your hairs into sections. Do it according to your own preferences. However, you should remember that the parts should be equal; otherwise, your hair will not look presentable. The sections can be fixed with the help of hair tie or hairpin.

Ghana braids in a bun

4. Then, add some hair gel to the braid roots.

5. Take a little piece of hair and start weaving your first braid.

6. Add some synthetic kanekalon hair under yours, to make it look identical to your real hair and add volume to the hairstyle.

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7. Afterwards, you should just keep braiding your hair until you reach the length you need. Braids will naturally look thicker with synthetic kanekalon hair, but do not add too much – this might look unnatural.

Beautiful Ghana braids

8. Repeat all the steps with your other hair sections.

9. Then, cut all the stragglers with the help of scissors.

Congratulations, you are done! Now your hairstyle is amazing and you will look like a celebrity!

Remember to be gentle with your natural hair; otherwise, you may damage it. Do not comb or braid the hair too strongly and roughly.

Girl with braids

You have learned about different types of braided hairstyles and read a tutorial on how to make your own We hope it was useful to you. Ghana weaving hairstyles are the latest trend, so it is okay to personalize it to your own liking. These hairstyles can be unique and original, and they will definitely emphasize your beautiful facial features if you choose the right one.

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