Can a vіrgin get pregnant?

Can a vіrgin get pregnant?

If you are searching for the answer to the question ‘Can a virgin get pregnant?' on the Internet, it means that the situation with sexual education in schools is just as bad as we remember. This means that, for the next few minutes, we will be your sex ed teachers. We will tell you all you need to know about pregnancy without penetration.

Can a vіrgin get pregnant?

Can pregnancy occur without penetration or any other form of intimacy?

The short answer is, unless you are the incarnation of the Virgin Mary, the chances of you getting pregnant without any form of sexual relations are next to impossible. As getting pregnant involves the egg being fertilised by the sperm, you cannot get pregnant just by being in the same room with a man. His semen needs to somehow enter your vagina during your ovulation period, and even that does not guarantee that you will become pregnant.

Now, if you are afraid of ‘accidentally’ getting pregnant by contracting semen ‘in the wild’, you should not be. Sperm dries very fast on dry surfaces, so you cannot get pregnant by sitting on a spot of dried ejaculate or even through several layers of clothes.


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While sperm lives longer in the water, especially if it is warm, the chances of you getting pregnant because someone has jerked off in the pool/bath/hot tub are almost non-existent.

Of course, if you consciously decide to have artificial insemination or use a sperm donor, you can get pregnant without ever engaging in intimate relations with men, thus technically remaining a virgin. However, the term ‘virgin’ might not apply to you anymore, if you consider the hymen to be the most important element of virginity, as this thin elastic barrier will most likely tear during the insemination procedure.

Can one get pregnant without penetration?

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If you are a virgin only in the loosest sense, i.e. you indulge in everything sexual apart from actual vaginal penetration, the chances of you getting pregnant are much higher than of those from the previous category.

Basically, any form of foreplay or sexual contact that results in ejaculation or even pre-ejaculate being near vagina might result in pregnancy. For example, if you touch yourself ‘down there’ after jerking your partner off, you might get pregnant. If you have unprotected anal sex, the semen might trickle into your vagina, and you might get pregnant. If he ejaculates near your vagina, you might get pregnant.


That said, the chances are still fairly low. Too many factors need to come together in order for you to get pregnant. You might get pregnant only if you are engaging in ‘explosive’ activities during your ovulation period, give or take a few days. So if you are really afraid of getting pregnant while still being technically a virgin, learn how to determine your ovulation dates. That will diminish the possibility of you getting pregnant even further, making it almost impossible.

To sum up, is it possible to get pregnant without penetration? Certainly, but not very likely. Nevertheless, if you do not want to take your chances, stop fooling around with men or at least make sure you use protection. And if anyone asks you: ‘Can a woman get pregnant without penetration?’, point them to this article and help them educate themselves.

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