Meet Nigerian who was part of the team of engineers that built 'Hyperloop' (photos)

Meet Nigerian who was part of the team of engineers that built 'Hyperloop' (photos)

- A Nigerian man has made the country proud after his team built the next generation train

- The young man and his team were part of a competition that challenges teams to build a futuristic transport pod

- It was gathered that the competition which began in 2017, picks the team with the best idea as the winner

A Nigerian man identified as Oluwatobi Oyinlola has made a great achievement after he joined a team of intelligent engineers to build an innovative type of train.

The team of engineers entered a competition that challenges university students to come up with creative ideas on transport pods.

Oyinlola’s team won the competition known as Hyperloop Pod competition. The first two competitions were held in January and August 2017.

Hyperloop pods

Meet Nigerian who was part of the team of engineers that built 'Hyperloop' Photo Source: Trends of Nigeria

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The competition focuses on a single criterion maximum speed that makes all Pods self-propelled. gathered that the Hyperloop competition was launched by a technology company known as SpaceX. SpaceX was founded by South-African born inventor, Elon Reeve Musk.

According to Musk, the Hyperloop Pods are high-speed trains. Musk explained that the pods would use a separate system known as the Hyperloop system. The Hyperloop systems would allow trains/pods to reach destinations on time.

Hyperloop pods

Photo Source: Trends of Nigeria

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Hyperloop is an alternative to short distance air travel, where the system will be much faster than the normal rail networks we are used to and much cleaner than air travel.

The Hyperloop systems would be built in tunnels that have had some of the air sucked out to lower the pressure of pods/trains that would transport through it.

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