How to prepare white soup with assorted meat

How to prepare white soup with assorted meat

White Soup or Ofe Nsala is one of the Nigerian traditional dishes. White soup is satisfying and tasty. People love it, especially in the eastern region. Traditionally, people cook this soup with catfish. There is also Afia Efere, another kind of white soup usually preferred by the Efik people. So if you want to know how to prepare white soup, let’s start our overview.

white soup

People call it white soup because palm oil is not needed in the preparation. You can use pounded yam to prepare this kind of soup. It is also possible to use achi or cocoyam. Uziza can add a sweet and spicy uniqueness to your soup. But you can do without it if it's not available.

You don't need leafy vegetables to make this soup. Traditionally people use catfish or some other kind of fish, but you can cook it with assorted meat. It is delicious with chicken meat, turkey or goat meat. So feel free to experiment.

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White Soup recipe

So get to the white soup preparation. The ingredients are seen below:

  • 500 g. of assorted meat;
  • One catfish;
  • 2 pieces of stock fish;
  • 1 cup of crayfish;
  • 2 tablespoons of dry ground pepper;
  • 1 tablespoon of utazi or 2 tablespoons of uziza leaves;
  • A slice of yam;
  • 2 stock cubes;
  • Salt according to your taste.
fish soup

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Do not forget to wash all the necessary ingredients before cooking.

White Soup preparation

It is better to keep all the ingredients separately. Put the uziza seeds in a dry mill and grind till it's smooth. Place your pot on the heat. Now you can add the tough meats and/or stockfish. Also, add your crayfish, pepper and stock cube. Boil it until the meat or fish is tender.

Boil the yam until it is soft, while your meat/fish is cooking. Then pound the yams. Place a pot of water on the heat. When it boils, add the pounded yams. Stir the soup until the yam is dissolved and you get the thickness you desire.

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Add your cooked fish/meat and some uziza. Do not add too much utazi if you use it. Leave to cook for another 15 minutes. After that turn the heat off and wait about 2-3 minutes to make it more saturated.

soup with assorted meat

This soup is a very special dish and it is not so difficult to cook. It can be eaten with a lot of different meals. You do not need any special ingredients for this wonderful delicacy.

To prepare Nigerian white soup, all you need are local ingredients. The preparation time of this dish can vary. It all depends on your cooking conditions, ingredients and an quantity of soup. Enjoy!

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