Nigerian wedding colours 2017-2018

Nigerian wedding colours 2017-2018

Brides and grooms are very particular about their wedding day especially when it comes to the colours. Colour combination at any Nigerian wedding is of high priority and this matter is usually discussed in details before the big day. So, what are the Nigerian wedding colours 2017-2018? Read the article, and you will have the best ideas for colours’ design of the most important day in your life.

Wedding colours 2017 in Nigeria

Let’s talk about Nigerian wedding colours 2017-2018. When planning a wedding, the couple wants to make sure everything goes perfectly. The point is to promote beauty and happiness. The event will consist of many elements: the festive wedding ceremony, fun photo sessions, a stunning wedding dress, talented musicians, and DJs, etc.

Nigerian wedding colours 2017

But one of the most important items is the color scheme of the day. The colour combination will not only add uniqueness to your celebration but also give the wedding party a special style.

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Wedding colours 2017

Trendy wedding colors 2017-2018

When it comes to colours, we are not just talking about the the bouquet, the colour of the groom's outfit or the style of the bride's wedding dress. Every year, there are new trends in the combination of colours for the overall wedding look. In 2017, bright pink color, as well as deep blue and purple dominate the glossy pages of wedding magazines.

Extravagant wedding colours

Pastel wedding colours

The most stylish couples choose soft colours to promote elegance. These trends have already been picked up by world-famous designers and celebrities. Light tones like lilac, very delicate peach, cream, light brown, soft pink, pale coral and sky blue also draw attention. Mint colour is slowly becoming more fashionable. Because it’s slightly different from white, it gives the wedding dresses more appeal.

Orange for wedding ceremony

Other colours like blueberry, yellow and orange are also fashionable. If you are daring,then go for the colour red. A red and green colour combination is only for the courageous. Colour blocking should be done cautiously. If you are unsure, go for one solid colour. This can be very elegant.

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Unusual gray for wedding

Let's consider the most fashionable wedding colors of 2017-2018! For the trendiest wedding colours this year, designers and fashion enthusiast share the following tips.

Dusty rose for wedding

Dusty rose for bride's dress

Dusty rose

It is a dominant wedding colour. It’s a very soft, elegant and velvety tone of pink. It symbolizes innocence and maiden beauty. If you like this colour, you can mix it with a pearl tone of gray or a deep gold.

Cream peach for wedding 2017

Cream peach

It is a very delicate, warm and at the same time refreshing color, which is much loved by the designers of wedding dresses. It gives the bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party a sweet and trendy look. This colour can be mixed with champagne, cream or a very mild green.

Nigerian wedding colours 2017-2018 - cream peach

Pearl blue

It is a noble and royal color. It’s perfect for a wedding that takes place on a warm day. This tone is ideally combined with powdered pink. The most relevant and courageous combination is to complement the pearl blue tone with chocolate.

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Pearl blue

Soft turquoise

This cool translucent color looks like the waters of the sea, penetrated by the sun's rays. The most stunning combination is achieved by adding a lot of silver accessories and details and maybe a bit of lemon colour.

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Turquoise for Nigerian

Turquoise for bridesmaids


It is a very soft tone of violet, which gives the hall’s decor a special airiness and refinement. This colour can also be incorporated in the wedding dress.

Violet-gray for wedding 2017

Ice coffee

It is the color that is on top of the list when it comes to wedding fashion. It was appreciated and loved by those who prefer a rustic look on their wedding day. The best complementary colour is a rich green.

Ice coffee as wedding colour 2017

If you are thinking of a Christmas wedding, you may want to consider these ideas by wedding pros.

Brick-red for wedding decor


It is a very bright color so you have to be very careful. You can use it for the bride's sash, bouquet, groom's boutonniere, wedding invitations, bows on chairs or napkins on a festive table.

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Juicy yellow for wedding ceremony

Juicy yellow for wedding decor

Juicy yellow

Yellow is a colour that is full of joy, light, and vital energy. Even during the coldest season, you are guaranteed to have a little bit of sunlight and heat on your special day.

Peach and mint for Nigerian traditional wedding 2017

Traditional wedding colors 2017-2018

Speaking of wedding colors, we have to mention the Nigerian traditional wedding. Here the color palette, typically, is brighter than that of the white wedding. Several colours can be combined in the outfits of the groom and bride.

Pastel colors with gold for traditional wedding

Nigerian traditional wedding colours 2017

In this season, the trendy color combination for a traditional wedding are peach and mint, gold and peach, gold and burgundy, white and blue.

Striped attires for Nigerian traditional wedding 2017

The use of a striped fabric for traditional wedding outfits, as well as decorating the bride's attire with gold and silver threads, sequins and Swarovski stones are in trend too.

Now, you have learned some useful info about the best colour combination for a wedding. Choose the options you like and be trendy!

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