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What is the lowest call tariff for Glo network?

What is the lowest call tariff for Glo network?

Would you like to make your Glo tariff plan cheaper? Maybe you are interested in finding the entire list of tariffs in order to be able to choose the most convenient one. In this article, we have compiled a list of tariffs that will definitely help you in making this choice. We will review all the different types of Glo tariff plans, and it is easy to compare when you see the whole picture.

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Globacom is a huge industry that provides information and communication services in Nigeria. Glo offers the fastest and the cheapest tariff plans. As for Glo data plans offer some of the most profitable tariffs for online use. Those plans are all different from each other. Some of them offer free data, SMS or special discount on calls. You just have to choose the right one.

Choose best Glo tariff plan

It is easy to change your tariff plan, but first, you should find out your current tariff and learn the simple migration codes. After that, you can go to the list and find the cheapest one.

1. Glo Infinito Tariff Benefits

This is a great tariff plan thanks to its low price. There are no hidden charges. You get 20 k/sec to call any network in Nigeria. Also, this tariff plan gives you the opportunity to call your loved ones at a reduced price. The migration code is *100*9*2#

2. Glo Twin Bash Tariff plan

This tariff plan is well suited for internet users, and you also get some airtime bonuses.

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This plan offers 200 MB of data and 200 Naira airtime bonus. The migration code is *233*Pin#

3. Bounce Tariff

Another great Glo tariff plan. The conditions are very profitable, you pay 15 k/s for calls to all networks. The migration code is simple *170*4#

4. Glo Overload

You can get 400% airtime bonus and extra data bonus of 15 MB, but remember that the bonus of data is active for one day. Type *200# on your phone and migrate to Glo Overload tariff.

5. Glo 11 K/S

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If you are primarily interested in international calls, you may prefer this one. Conditions: 11 k/s for Nigerian networks and 20 k/s if you make calls to such countries as China, US, Canada, UK and India. The code is 100*6*1#

Stay in touch and choose the best tariff plan for yourself. As you can see, it is very easy to find find what you want. There are plans that makes it possible to browse without spending too much money and those that help you make overseas calls at an affordable rate.

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