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Facts about Itel mobile

Facts about Itel mobile

Itel mobile was born in 2007 by understanding people's desire to connect.

More and more people need to communicate via mobile devices, and thus there is an incredibly fast development of the demand.

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As the world's fastest growing mobile phone brand, itel has always been dedicated to providing variety of reliable and trendy communication device worldwide.

From 2007 to 2016, itel customers have been increasing globally with offices covering over 45 countries. More and more people are getting to know us, joining and supporting us.

In 2016, itel delivered 50+ million mobile phones to worldwide consumers in the hope of expanding people's networking scope.

To connect with others is a human necessity. Nowadays, with the rapid development of internet, users have experienced more fun and joy from communication.

Smartphone has drawn population closer and enabled to be connected faster than ever.

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Itel is looking forward to seeing more people joining and enjoying itel for a better future.


Itel deals in the Smart phone market

Facts about Itel mobile

This covers entry level to high end model, a wide range of high-quality smart phones have been designed to provide easy access to smart life.

Feature phones

Facts about Itel mobile

No need to sacrifice quality for budget limit, Itel offers a variety of feature phones with practical functions, such as s wireless FM radio, powerful battery etc.

Carlcare Support

At itel, meeting consumers’ satisfaction is a precedence.

Our epitomic after sales service providing unparalleled support to itel consumers has helped in fortifying the after sales service brand Carlcare.

Facts about Itel mobile

By the end of 2016, Carlcare will have more than 1000 service touch points globally. Every service centre owns advanced technologies with powerful equipment to make sure that consumer can enjoy customised treatment.

“You matter, we care”, all our mobiles are sold with 12 months of reliable after-sales service.

Carlcare Service Policy is guided by 4 principles:

1. Timely

2. Reliable

3. Professional

4. Satisfying

Carlcare service outlet exists in several African countries including:










Kenya among others


Business Enquiry:

Product & Technical Support:

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