Lady reveals how fuel scarcity exposed her to robbery attack in Oshodi

Lady reveals how fuel scarcity exposed her to robbery attack in Oshodi

- Nikalot Akinnagbe, a Nigerian lady has revealed how she was a victim of an armed robbery attack

- The incident which occurred while she was on her way to work was said to have happened in Oshodi, Lagos state

- She further went ahead to blame the attack on the recent fuel scarcity currently witnessed across the country

With the season of festivities comes a lot of wonderful activities. However, as the season is full of merriments, it also has it's downsides such as the rush hour and last minutes plans, increase in the prices of products and also the increase in armed robbery activities and other social vices. Coupled with the current fuel scarcity witnessed across the country presently, the vices might just be on the high side.

Nikalot Akinnagbe, a Nigerian lady took to her Facebook page to reveal how she almost became a victim of armed robbery while on her way to work in the morning. The incident happened in Oshodi, Lagos state.

She posted on her page: 'On my way to work this morning, just before Oshodi B/stop (coming from Cele), something happened.OK, backtrack to leaving home with very little fuel in my fuel tank (it's no news that this past week witnessed a bit of fuel scarcity), I had to wind down and not use the AC - to conserve fuel...So fast forward back to Oshodi, as I approached the traffic zone, 3 hoodlums came out of nowhere and attacked my car. As I saw them approaching, I quickly tried to raise the windows but they were too fast for me. They stuck their hand as the window was halfway up and started threatening me. Two of them kept saying "give us money" in their "growly" agbero voice and they kept trying to intimidate me with this bloodshot eyes and ugly-looking, skewed faces... I was just shouting "blood of Jesus" and my left hand never left the window button (still trying to make it go up). As one of them say my phone in the phone compartment, he demanded for it like "oya bring that phone" that took my eyes of them for a second and I instantly saw just what to do! The horn!?! I honked like my life depended on it...Two of them just simultaneously left the car and the last one, after forming macho while trying to hold down the window, (I was failing in my fragile attempt to hit his sand-papered hand off my window), decided to leave also. I guess the car noise frustrated him.For a split second I thought the window wouldn't close properly, they almost broke the poor thing for me with their igbo-filled muscles...I bless God that negative history didn't repeat itself. Yes, negative history. Last year December, I lost my phone to a thief who hijacked it through the bus window (in slow-moving traffic) at the same Oshodi!If the Lord will not be my Shepherd, who will?#WhatFuelScarcityCausedM# OshodiMightBeUndergoingReconstructionButItHasNotChanged# GodFavouredMe'

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Despite the collaborative efforts by both the police and other gun-slinging army personnel to help fight crimes across the country over the festive season, these offenders seem to device new methods to carry out their despicable acts.

It is important for people to become more careful and mindful of their surroundings so as to remain safe and report any suspicious movement to the proper authorities.

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