Who designed the Nigerian coat of arms?

Who designed the Nigerian coat of arms?

National symbols have a deep meaning for anyone who considers himself a patriot. They inspire the pride of the homeland in a person's heart. From this article, you will learn who designed the Nigerian coat of arms and what its elements mean.

Who designed the Nigerian coat of arms

Along with the flag, the national coat of arms signifies the important values of the people who honor it. The images have changed over the course of time For example, in the colonial era, Nigeria had an emblem that is not being used today.

It is quite interesting that the Nigerian national symbols were developed by a student. They were approved after our country has gained its independence in 1960 and have not changed to this day.

History of Nigerian coat of arms

A process of coming up with elements that describes the Nigerian people began when the British Empire still ruled our lands as a colony. Among the elements of the old coat of arms was the name of the country. The colonial flag was painted blue just as it is in other colonies. In the corner was the coat of arms of Britain indicating its supreme power.

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In addition, there was an image of a six-pointed star with a crown in the middle of the background of a red circle. Despite the fact that the sign is similar to David's star, it is erroneous to connect it with Judaism.

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Nigerian coat of arms

This flag was supposed to show that the Nigerians were subject to the command of Britain but remained a strong and proud nation with an official name. Despite the fact that many people spoke the local languages, the word "Nigeria" was written in English.

In 1959, new national symbols were created. A student, M.Т Akinkunmi won the competition for the best design of the coat of arms for an independent Nigeria. His work was accepted with minor additions and improvements.

What do the elements of the coat of arms mean?

The emblem is a complex composition consisting of many elements. Each of them has important meaning:

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  • The black shield in Nigeria's coat of arms represents a fertile soil. Thanks to agrarian resources, Nigeria can supply high-quality agricultural products for export. Technological and industrial innovations are found in our country. However, livestock farming and growing of plant cultures do not lose high significance and strongly influence the economic situation.
  • White stripes on the shield are symbols of the two largest waterways: Benue and Niger.
  • The green and white crossbar over the shield points to the fertile land of Nigeria and the abundance of quality products that are produced here. Nigerians can be proud of the fact that the country has some of the highest rates of oil supplies in the world.
  • A bright element of the composition is a red eagle. It proudly sits on the shield personifying state power. The noble bird of prey is also a symbol of profound wisdom. Similar images are on flags and coats of arms of many other countries.

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  • In the lower part of the compistion, there is a green field with flowers. It is a sign of love for the motherland, a call to give considerable attention to agricultural activities.
  • Flowers represent the hot climate of Nigeria. This species is officially called Costus. There are a lot of such flowers on the territory of our country, they have become a national symbol.
  • On the yellow ribbon below is the motto of Nigeria. It says progress, faith, peace, and unity. Indeed, much attention is being paid to religion at all times. There are many tribes in the country and all of them should be united so as not to lose the status of a single nation.
  • What do the two horses on the Nigerian coat of arm represent? They are on both sides of the shield. These animals symbolize harmony and nobility. In addition, they indicate a balanced combination of inner strength with peace-loving intentions. Their silvery-white colours symbolize purity and wealth.

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We hope that the above information was interesting to you. With these symbols on the coat of arms, Nigeria can be considered united and strong while also gentle and warm when need be.

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