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10 apology text messages for your loved one

10 apology text messages for your loved one

It's sometimes very hard to say sorry to your loved ones. Sometimes it's too late to apologize. Nevertheless, nobody will punish you for trying to say sorry after a wrongdoing. This post will show you top 10 best apology texts.

10 apology text messages for your beloved one

Apology text SMS – the best method

What should you know about the best apology text for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife? You will need to find the best way to say sorry. It's important to understand that even the simplest recipe needs ingredients to make it work. Therefore, let's check out the top 5 best ingredients to help you ask for forgiveness.

10 apology text messages for your beloved one

1. Be sincere

If you want to create a nice apology text, then you need to start with sincerity. If you want to apologize, then saying sorry is not enough. Think about the issue at hand. Ask yourself, what do you want to apologize for? You will need to provide details. For instance, were you rude to her or did you lie? Just be sincere in your reasons.

2. Understand your apologies

Your girl expects you to apologize for a certain thing you have done in the past. Unfortunately, you will need to find out why she is unhappy. In an ideal world, you will find it out right away. But sometimes, it takes time to truly understand why she's hurt. Before you start apologizing – pin point the real problem you need to apologize for.

3. Be really sorry

If you don't sound sincere in your apology text to a lover, then you may even lose him/her. If you tried to say sorry several times and this didn't give you any results, then you need to change your tactic. How to change your tactic in the apology text for him/her? Just be really sorry for what you have done.

Be really sorry for that

4. Do not blame him/her

In your apology message – do not dare blame your beloved for what happened. You just need to accept the part you played.

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If you have done everything right, then you will get a feedback from him or her. In this feedback – you will also hear the words of forgiveness.

5. Be short and logical

You don't need to write a poem to ask for forgiveness. It should be just a short message but with enough details that can show that you are sorry. Too long messages may be just another sign of insincerity, and your girlfriend will sense that. So, keep the details but write short messages.

Top 10 apology texts

10 apology text messages for your beloved one

1. Wash away the pain

Honey, I know, it may be too late to say sorry, but, I want to try. My words will not destroy the barrier that I created in our relationship, but I sincerely ask for your forgiveness. I promise, babe, I will never hurt you again. Please, forgive me! I need you, my love!

2. I understand

My Dear, I understand that words will not change everything in our relationship, but I want you to say… It`s totally my fault that this happened! I regret not fixing it right away. Sometimes sorry is not enough, I promise you, I will change. I ask you for one more chance, please, I`m really sorry.

3. I made you cry

I understand that I am responsible for your tears of pain, my love. No man should make his beloved cry, and I did that. I have hurt your feelings… I swear to you my darling! This will never happen again! With all my heart – I want to change, and you are only one who can help to do this. Please, for the last time – forgive me.

3. I made you cry

4. Immense strength

I know, it takes the immense strength to be with a man like me. Still, I know that you are strong, and you have the heart to forgive. For the last time, my dear, forgive me!

5. You cried because of me

I heard that you cried because of me and this made me very sad. I don't want to hurt you anymore, my love. Trust me, I know what I have done wrong. Still, I believe I can change it. There is nothing more I want in the world then to make you happy. Just give me one more chance to make you happy. Give me your forgiveness.

6. The hardest thing to say

It's the hardest thing to say “sorry” for everything that I have done to you. Still, the toughest thing ever, as I believe, is to forgive. That`s why, my darling, I ask you for forgiveness, and I ask you for the hardest thing ever – forgive me. That's all that I dream of: To be forgiven by my love.

6. The hardest thing to say

7. Dear friend

My dearest friend of all, I know that I have made a mistake. I know that I have hurt your feelings. For that, I want to apologize. I don't know if you accept or reject it… No matter what, I want to be sincere with you. I want you to know that I'm sorry for what has happened.

8. Our relationship

My dear, our relationship is very important to me. I can't imagine my world without you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm very sorry for what I have done. Please, if I request that you accept my apologies. Please, be merciful, forgive me.

9. There is just one thing

I want just one thing from you – it's your forgiveness. I know, I was wrong – you tried to do the best that you could, and I was so blind that couldn't notice it. Please, my heart, forgive me.

9. There is just one thing

10. I know

I know that it's impossible to revive our relationship just by saying sorry. However, I want to try. I want to apologize for what I have done. I want to b with you. Please, my love, give me one more chance – forgive me.

It's very difficult to compose a really nice apology text to him or her. But you can try to use the above texts as examples of how to write an apology. Bu be creative. Make sure you specify where you went wrong so he/she can forgive.

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