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Causes of foamy urine in pregnancy

Causes of foamy urine in pregnancy

If a woman notices that her urine is foamy during pregnancy it's not a cause for panic. This phenomenon can be caused by hormones or other external factors. Also, if the level of protein in the urine high, it will also foam. In this article, we will consider the main causes of foamy urine and find out whether it is dangerous to the health of pregnant women.

foamy urine

External reasons for foamy urine

A change in the state of urine may be due to external reasons and in this case, it is not a permanent issue. For example, if urine is mixed with detergent or foaming agents used for household purposes, then it may cause a foamy appearance

What are causes of foamy urine? Let's list the most important causes:

  • Rapid urination in which particles of air enter the urine can lead to the appearance of air bubbles. Usually, this is observed if a woman has not gone to the toilet for a long time. While urinating, the bladder contracts, which stimulates the formation of short-term foam.
  • During pregnancy or after intense physical activity, the urine darkens and becomes concentrated. This can cause a strong foam forms on its surface. When a woman drinks about 1.8 liters of fluid a day, the water balance is restored, the urine becomes lighter and the foaming stops.
  • Chemicals. Various household products contain surface-active substances that mix with urine in the toilet and begin to foam. If you are not sure if the foam is caused by something in the toilet water, you can test it by urinating in a clear water to see if it foams.

Foamy urine as a symptom diseases

Let's consider the main types of diseases which can lead to a symptom of foamy urine.


The is when the foam is caused by an increase in protein in the urine. It may be caused by external factors. Proteinuria may happen after excessive physical exertion, abuse of protein products and food additives or overeating, for instance. In these case, the foamy appearance will not last for long.

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Causes of foamy urine in pregnancy

During pregnancy, proteinuria can occur due to the inflammation of the kidney- gestosis. To be sure, a urine analysis is done in a hospital to check the level of protein.. If abnormalities are found, your doctors will make recommendations.

Keep in mind that gestosis is always accompanied by other noticeable signs: swelling of the legs, increased blood pressure and severe headaches. It can occur in a small percentage of pregnant women. It needs an immediate diagnosis and effective treatment. Otherwise, it could lead to eclampsia which threatens the health and life of both mother and child.


A urinary tract infection can also cause foamy urine. Other symptoms like rapid and painful urination and the detection of blood in the urine can also be noticed is this is the case. If the condition is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and an increase in body temperature, you need to see your doctor because it may be a sign of acute pyelonephritis - a disease requiring immediate hospitalization.

foamy urine in pregnancy

Urine can foam due to vesicoureteral fistula, a condition that affects the large intestine and the bladder. It may occur due to postoperative complications, bladder or large intestine tumors and Crohn's disease.

Problems with kidney function

Foamy urine can indicate diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney stones, use of certain meds, injuries, and infections. If you also experience swelling, nausea, fatigue, weakness, and back pain, it may be that your kidney function is affected.

A woman's body is fragile during pregnancy, if you notice these symptoms, see your doctor immediately. Also, foamy urine that is mixed with blood and an unusual smell requires immediate medical attention.


So, if your urine foams, this does not necessarily mean that there is a problem. Usually, this phenomenon is temporary. Even an increase of the protein level in urine can be triggered by external causes that do not pose a threat to the mother and baby. If foamy urine is observed for a long time and is accompanied by other symptoms, then it is important to see a doctor.

We wish you and your child good health and hope that this information was useful!

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