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Where to sell TBC in Nigeria?

Where to sell TBC in Nigeria?

TBC, which stands for The Billion Coin, has become quite a popular cryptocurrency lately, especially in Nigeria. Some investors say that it has outperformed even bitcoin on the cryptocurrency market, at least in some regions of the country. Obviously, every Nigerian who is interested in cryptomoney and has some TBC coins would like to learn how to exchange them. If you read the article below, you can find out where to sell TBC in Nigeria.

Selling the billion coin

What is TBC? Short guide on the newest cryptocurrency sensation

The billion coin has gained an overwhelming popularity lately, and it has quickly become one of the most controversial currencies on the cryptomarket. People who created the billion coin currency have made loud statements about them, promising that TBC price will rise so quickly that people will not even notice how they suddenly become rich. The sudden and abrupt rising of the coin is true, even though some people are strongly convinced that this is too good to be completely trustworthy.

Although The billion coin has about 400,000 investors, many people believe this currency is not going to bring anyone income. The experts in the cryptomoney field argue that TBC does not have its own market like, for example, bitcoin; also, it is not listed on the official cryptocurrency website. However, no matter what people say, the number of investors who buy TBC prove that this coin is not a complete fraud. Time will tell if those clients who invested in the billion coins will be able to make a fortune off them.

Cryptocurrency coins

How to sell TBC in Nigeria

If you are a lucky owner of some TBC coins and would like to sell them, you probably are already aware that those coins can be sold only at their current price. Currently, in December 2017, one TBC coin is equal to 111.05 Bitcoins as per TBC Currency Calculator.

Many people believe trading TBC for BTC is really easy and will make them unbelievably rich, however, it is not true. People who have tried to find a potential purchaser to buy their TBC coins can tell you how exhausting this process might be. The higher your coin’s price is, the harder it can be to find someone who will buy them.

The official TBC trade platform online does not allow trading TBC for a lower price than it officially costs, and if you try to they might suspend your wallet. So, this process is risky – you can lose all of your coins if you try.

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Where to sell TBC in Nigeria

If you would like to sell your TBC online and trade them for bitcoins, you can try the website This is the most reliable option for you if you find a good deal there. You can create a new trade and wait for someone who would like to buy the billion coins from you.

The registration and verification process is quite easy and usually does not take too much time. When you register, you will be able to create a trade and point out that you would like to sell your TBC for bitcoins. If someone’s demands coincide with yours, then you are lucky – you can trade with them for bitcoin.

Currently, the website is under maintenance, and we are hoping it will be back soon. In the meantime, you can try selling your TBC coins for cash in Nigeria, and here is a guide on how to do so.

Earning money with TBC

Selling your TBC coins for cash: how to find a customer

There are bitcoin exchangers in Nigeria. They function by streamlining the trade operation of the cryptocurrency owner. The purpose of this exchanger is to help local people buy and sell their cryptomoney. In Nigeria, these exchangers also help with the billion coins sales too.

This is not the only way to exchange your cryptocurrency. You can find a bitcoin agent in Nigeria who trades cryptomoney for goods and cash. There are a lot of such agents, so a wide variety of opportunities is open to you.

You might wonder how you would know that the person is trustworthy. Here is the basic list of signs that this customer is reliable:

  • He/she uses his real name on the Internet.
  • The account photo has a real person on it.
  • He is clear when he talks about the trade, and does not beat around the bush.

It is strongly recommended that you not to sell your coins to someone you don't know or who does not look trustworthy. You can risk losing your money.

Sell TBC to reliable clients

In conclusion, selling TBC in Nigeria is not really easy and you will have to do a lot of work if you want to find a potential customer. Besides, there are many people out there who do not play fair. However, if you decided to trade your TBC coins in Nigeria for bitcoins or cash, the cryptocurrency experts recommend organizing a person-to-person meeting with your potential customer and discussing all the details of your deal. To sell TBC is difficult, and it is a risky venture, but it is not impossible and you can surely try to find a nice trade deal for coins.

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