Health benefits of sugarcane juice

Health benefits of sugarcane juice

Lately, sugarcane juice has become a real hit drink, especially in hot countries. Since it is usually hot in Nigeria, this article can be helpful for you. Here, you can learn all the benefits and disadvantages of consuming sugarcane juice. Sugarcane health benefits are more numerous than you probably imagined.

Homemade sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice: why is it so popular and beneficial?

Many people now choose sugarcane juice on a hot day when they desperately want something to drink. When you are hot, sugarcane juice with ice will make you more energetic and you will feel rejuvenated. Some people think this is the only purpose of sugarcane juice, but it has so many other benefits apart from this one. This juice is known to provide glucose to our body, thus making us stronger and refreshing our energy. You can learn about all the other sugarcane uses right here.

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Sugarcane health benefits

Sugarcane juice is very nutritious. The juice itself is extracted by pressing the cane through iron rollers. Sugarcane nutrition is very rich and contains about 15% of natural sugar, along with a high amount of organic vitamins and salts. Asides that, the juice can be used for sweetening other drinks. It is also acceptable to mix in lime juice for to improve the flavor.

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Sugarcane juice has a lot of benefits, and here are some major ones:

  1. On a hot day, sugarcane juice is the first choice. It helps you stay hydrated and full of energy. It is known to quench thirst and boost inner strength, which is helpful because barely anyone can survive a scorching hot day without energy. It is also completely natural and made with natural products.
  2. Sugarcane juice contains a high concentration of such useful substances as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and manganese. This is why sugarcane is widely considered an alkaline forming food. This means it significantly decreases your chances to become seriously ill because severe diseases like cancer (prostate, breast, and other types) are unable to survive in alkaline environment. So, one more reason to drink sugarcane juice is to improve your immune system.
  3. Kidney problems also can be solved by sugarcane juice. The juice can reduce your chances of having urinary infections, prostatitis, kidney stones, and many other unwanted disorders. If you want to maintain a healthy kidney, you should consume this useful drink as often as possible.
  4. Sugarcane juice good for your teeth and mouth microflora and can work against bad breath and tooth decay. People who regularly drink sugarcane juice are known to have shiny and white teeth. So you can save yourself from uncomfortable visits to the dentist. Apart from strengthening the teeth, sugarcane juice can also improve the condition the nails. Drink sugarcane juice often and you will have shiny and strong nails.
  5. Sugarcane juice is also helpful in preserving a healthy skin. Those who experience acne and natural blemishes on their skin have become much better once they started consuming this drink on a regular basis. The reason for it is that sugarcane plant contains glycolic acid, which is effective for healing your skin. Apart from drinking sugarcane juice, you can also apply it to your skin in order to notice the effect sooner.

Sugarcane juice has other advantages. However, like every product, it also has some drawbacks you have to be aware of.

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Sugarcane juice disadvantages

Although it does not really have any major risk, here are a few disadvantages of sugarcane juice consumption. You have to know about them if you are planning to drink the juice regularly.

  1. The main drawback of this drink is that it contains a significant amount of calories. If you drink it in large quantity, it could lead to serious weight gain in no time. This is why you should always drink sugarcane juice in moderate amounts and restrict yourself if you crave more juice. You can quench your thirst with plain water instead.
  2. Another problem with this drink is that sugarcane contains a substance which is called Policosanols. This substance is not healthy if you take it too much– excessive consumptioncan lead to insomnia, weight loss, stomach issues, and dizziness.
  3. Also, you should not drink the juice if it is too warm, meaning, it has been outside the fridge for fifteen minutes or more. The juice quickly loses its useful benefits, and consuming it in this state usually results in stomach discomfort.

As you can see, restricting yourself really helps – excessive amounts of this juice, like with any other product, will not bring the result you expect.

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Benefits of sugarcane juice for weight loss

Sugar cane juice is beneficial for those people who want to lose weight unless it is consumed in excess amounts – as it was already pointed out, excessive consumption of sugar cane juice will do exactly the opposite.

Here are some reasons why you can lose weight with sugarcane juice:

  1. Sugarcane contains large amounts of fiber – about 13 grams of this substance per one serving. So, when you drink the sugarcane juice, around half of your daily allowance of fiber is met. Most people consume way less fiber than recommended even though it is a useful supplement. First of all, it helps out with preventing cardiovascular disease. It also assists in the improvement of the digestive tract, detoxifies the colon, and of course is helpful when it comes to weight loss. Fiber prevents fat from being completely absorbed by the human body. Also, fiber prevents overeating by making you feel full for longer.
  2. Drinking moderate amounts of sugarcane daily helps to prevent body inflammation, which is often caused by wrong dietary habits and constant stress. Some people may notice that they are still gaining weight even after intense exercising and controlling their eating. Luckily for them, sugarcane juice contains anti-inflammatory properties which assist a person in losing the excess pounds.
  3. As it is widely known, most people consume sugarcane juice for gaining back their energy. This makes sense in terms of weight loss uses: sugarcane contains a high level of natural sugar. It is useful for the body, so obviously sugarcane juice will be an effective energy boost. The alkaline environment provided by sugarcane juice will neutralize all the body acids which will become helpful in weight loss and hydration. It is recommended to use this juice as a sports drink while you are exercising.
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Sugar cane juice: diabetes

Sugarcane juice actually has one more important advantage: it can be useful for diabetic patients. This is because of the natural sugar the juice contains. It has a low glycemic index, which prevents the rise in the glucose levels in the blood of diabetic people. This drink can become a good substitute for carbonated drinks.

Diabetic people are usually restricted on sugar consumption, and this is why they are strongly recommended to drink sugarcane juice whenever they are craving to have something sweet or want to boost their energy.

However, people who struggle with Type-2 diabetes should consult their medical providers before drinking sugar cane juice regularly.

For those people who are at the risk of diabetes, sugarcane juice can serve as a reliable prevention.

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Sugarcane benefits in pregnancy

Sugar cane juice has been proven to be a good drink for pregnant women. It helps to reduce some pregnancy symptoms which may be uncomfortable. For example, here are a couple of things expectant mothers can gain from the juice.

  1. Many future moms suffer from morning sickness, and drinking this juice twice a day or more in small doses can be helpful in dealing with this problem.
  2. Sugarcane juice can boost metabolism and prevent extreme weight gain, along with increasing the overall energy, which is undoubtedly important for pregnant women as they often have to fight fatigue. As we know, the juice contains a rich supply of vitamins like iron, calcium, and magnesium, and since pregnant ladies need to boost their immunity all the time so as not to get ill, these vitamins will keep you healthy.
  3. If you catch a cold or throat infection during pregnancy, the sugarcane juice can also be a huge help. This is because pregnant women usually have to avoid taking OTC pills, and a natural cure like sugarcane drink can be a great remedy for them.
  4. The juice contains a considerable amount of vitamin B9 or folic acid. This substance will prevent the baby from having birth defects. Furthermore, sugarcane juice is known to minimize ovulation issues in ladies, which increases the chances of conception.
  5. Lastly, many expecting women are known to struggle with constipation, and sugarcane juice can improve digestion, as well as prevent some unwanted stomach infections. Not to mention, it also helps the liver to function properly which is definitely important during pregnancy.
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How to prepare sugarcane juice at home?

The easiest recipe for preparing delicious sugarcane juice using only a few simple ingredients is right here. You will need:

  • 1 sugarcane
  • 1 chopped ginger
  • Lemon juice and black salt for taste

Then, follow these steps:

  1. First, you should peel the skin of the sugarcane and chop it into small pieces.
  2. Then, put all the ingredients in a blender and keep blending it until the mixture becomes smooth.
  3. Juice out the puree with your hands, then pour it into the glass and put in the refrigerator for a few hours. Remember to serve it chilled and drink shortly after it is cooled.
Drinking homemade juice

You have read about all the useful features of sugarcane juice and its benefits for a person’s health. As you can see, this juice is not only refreshing and tasty but also contains nutrients that benefits the immune system.

People who drink it regularly are known to be healthy and energetic, not to mention, the drink is great at preventing different diseases. If you want to feel refreshed, active and cheerful, without worrying about feeling under the weather, you should definitely try sugarcane juice.

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