Google groups: what is it?

Google groups: what is it?

Google Groups: what is it? Read on to find out the answer to this question. The information below will make you understand the functions of this service and get the maximum benefits.

Google groups service

Google Groups is a free tool that allows users to communicate more effectively with each other via email and the Internet. Each group has its own home page located in the Google system on which users can create new discussions and it is tied to a unique e-mail address.

Let's consider the main questions that beginners ask about this service.

1. What are the useful features of Google Groups?

In the Usenet archive, you can find and read over a billion messages. Now with your own groups, mailing lists and news, you can communicate with friends and colleagues more easily and effectively.

New improved features of the groups:

  • Creation of the group. You can create mailing lists, merge them, search, and also define your group as public or private.
  • Dynamic correspondence. Messages sent to Usenet or to the mailing list are displayed after 10 seconds and indexed with an interval of 10 minutes.
  • Improved user interface. The "My Groups" feature allows you track and create the topics you need. There are several ways to view the messages, including viewing a summary, heading, or checking the entire message thread.

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2. How can you sign up for Google Groups services?

Access to public Google Groups resources is provided without subscribing to this service. However, to use advanced features (reading private groups, sending messages, creating your own groups), you must create a Google account. All you need for this is an email address.

Note. If you are already a Gmail user, you can use an existing account to subscribe to Google Groups services.

3. How can you create your own Google Group?

Go to the home page of the Google Groups and click the link "Create group".

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Google groups: what is it?

Creating a group consists of two steps. First, you need to specify the name of the group, create an e-mail address and set the level of confidentiality. Then you need to add users to the group. Here you have to specify the email addresses of the invited users. When all users are added, the group is ready.

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You can also change the settings of a created group. For example, a group can be private (only invited users can read messages and participate in discussions) or public (group resources are available for anyone). You can also create your own types, for example, "ad-only" group.

In addition, users can choose how to be notified when new messages appear in the group. For important groups, you may choose the deliverance of notifications by e-mail when a new message arrives . Messages of less important groups can be viewed in a daily summary list.

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4. What are the advantages of transferring an existing mailing list to Google Groups?

Google Groups is a simple and reliable service for managing and archiving mailing lists. In addition to the basic functionality of the list, all of its contents will be stored and processed on the website. Unlike free mailing services, Google provides more storage space and displays only text ads pertaining to the topic being viewed (no banners or pop-ups).

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To move the mailing list to Google Groups, create a new group. Select your method for adding users to the group (automatically or by invitation). Copy and paste the existing mailing list into this form.

5. Why should you join a Group?

Before you read or view the contents of some groups you need to become a member. To send a message or create a topic, you need to do the same. In addition, when you join a group it is added to the "My Groups" page for quick access.

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6. How could you unsubscribe from news of a certain group?

To unsubscribe or leave the group, go to the group's homepage and click the "Unsubscribe or change participation" link. Then click the "Unsubscribe" button on the next page.

Remember that unsubscribing can mean losing access to group resources (if this group allows only members to view the content). If you want to remain a member of the group but do not want to receive messages, select the "No messages" option located on the left side of the page "Change my user type". Then save these settings.

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7. How could you find groups and topics that interest you?

The best way to find the required groups and topics is the search box which is situated at the top of most Google Groups pages. The results that match the search criteria will be listed by groups and messages.

If you want to view the groups you're interested in, go to the Google Groups home page (or "My Groups" page) and select the desired category. A list of the corresponding groups will appear on the next page. To search for groups and send messages, use the search field on this page.


We hope that this information was useful for you. Now you can freely operate the Google Groups for business and improve communication with friends and like-minded people. Good luck!

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