5 justification of European colonisation of Africa

5 justification of European colonisation of Africa

Issues concerning the presence and influence of the western world in Africa, in what has become known as colonalisation, have continued to dominate discussions in the continent years after many of the countries gained independence.

While some think the western nations impacted negatively on the continent, many argue that the colonialists left the continent in advanced stages of development.

For those who see the positive side of the colonalisation of Africa, here are six of their arguments:

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1. Infrastructure

There is the belief that the colonial masters built infrastructure for the advancement of the various countries even though there are arguments that the action was to make their activities easy while they remained in the continent.

In Nigeria, for instance, the colonial masters began the construction of a railway from Lagos Colony to Ibadan in March 1896. By 1901, the Lagos government railway had started operations. This was extended to the northern part of Nigeria. Many years later, the government is still struggling to advance the transportation sub-sector.

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2. Unity

In many cases, the colonial masters united the various ethnic groups in the particular regions they took control of. Nigeria became amalgamated by the British colonialists. The country has remained united despite challenges like a civil war and agitations.

3. Education and exposure

This fact cannot be thrown away. The first schools in the African continent were introduced by the colonial masters. Many Africans got western education. The various languages of the colonial masters were also introduced. This is why some African countries have English as their official languages while some speak French. They also opened Africa to the world with many discoveries.

4. Christianity

It is known that before the advent of the colonial masters, many African countries practised the traditional religion. Christianity was introduced to some of the colonized countries by the colonial masters.

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5. Trade

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Colonialism helped Africa to expand in economy and trade. Through the colonial masters, business thrived and this was the beginning of international trade and advancement in the form of money exchanged for goods and services rendered.

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