How to withdraw money from Bet9ja - Easy guide

How to withdraw money from Bet9ja - Easy guide

Bet9ja is an online company that is involved in bookmarking, sports betting and a few other activities. It is a subsidiary of the KC Gaming Networks. Bet9ja gives you the opportunity to make money from watching your favourite spots. Do you love Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester United? You could sign up with Bet9ja and have some fun. There are a few things to know about Bet9ja! You can deposit and withdraw funds as long as you follow the rules.


It is very easy to register on this platform. Simply go on their website, and click on the “Register Now” icon. Follow the instructions to open an account with them with your preferred username. After filling your details, you will be asked to make a deposit. Again, follow the instructions provided to get this done. The interesting thing is that you can use different methods to deposit. You can visit your nearest Bank branch, do an online transfer, pay via Paycom, Paydirect, or Quick teller. You can even make deposits via ATM.

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After following these steps, you will be able to place bets and hopefully make some money. You can then cash in your account by withdrawing. Here is a simple guide on how to do that.

How to withdraw from your Bet9ja account fast?

How to withdraw money

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1. Visit the website and log in. Choose the 'Bank' option on the site and you will be provided with four options:

  • Deposit;
  • Withdrawal;
  • Transfer;
  • Transaction.

2. Click on withdrawal. Before it takes you to the next step, it shows you a warning asking you to make sure you input the same details you registered with.

3. After this, you will see a box where you are required to type in the necessary banking information.

4. Verify your details and confirm.

5. The minimum that can be withdrawn is $5000. No fees will be charged. Your transaction will be completed within 24 hours and then you will have your money.

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You should not encounter any problem with getting your cash if you follow these instructions.

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