Anambra election 2017 results and contradictory opinions

Anambra election 2017 results and contradictory opinions

Let's congratulate the winner of the Anambra election. It's Willie Obiano. Click and read more about the election process in the state and some information about the other candidates.

Anambra election

After the result was announced, Obiano shook hands with other Anambra election participants. All in all, the election was peaceful with only minimal report of violence. However, according to local government information, many people may have manipulated the results. Several polling units' results were cancelled due to such incidents as an excessive number of voters, the complicity of officials during the voting, and some other violations.

The poll was conducted in 21 areas of the local government.

  • 234,072 voters voted in favour of Willie Obiano.
  • As a result, Obiano defeated his closest rival, Tony Nwoye who had 98,750 votes.
  • Oseloka Obaze got 70,000 votes, taking the 3rd place in the Anambra governorship election 2017.
  • Osita Chidoka, who finished 4th, got 7,900 votes.
  • The Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, also took part in the Anambra election 2017. He scored 143 votes.
  • As a result, it was confirmed that Obiano meets all the requirements and can be declared a winner.
  • The fifth position went to a businessman Godwin Ezeemo.
  • The other 32 participants were far behind in the ranking.
Anambra election 2017 results by each local area

Nwoye congratulations to Obiano

Reactions to the Anambra election final results were mainly calm and positive. But when Nwoye congratulated Obiano he said that APC supporters were crippled by APGA representatives. However, he said that God sees everything and the events that happened are in His hands.

Nwoye assured the public that he will not take the matter to court. Although his party may have reason to do so given the available evidence.

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Dr. Nwoye

Tony Nwoye

Victory speech

When Obiano accepted the mantle, he said that this achievement isn’t his personal merit but as a result of his party's effort. This victory fully belongs to Ndi Anambra, he said.

He thanked everyone who saw his vision. He also talked about farm owners in Anambra State. Obiano understands that agriculture is the key to economic prosperity for Nigeria in the future and is pleased that many people supported him in an effort to improve the situation.

The winner described the other candidates as his brothers and said that they all fought courageously. He, as a leader, promises to tackle his responsibilities dutifully. The interests of Anambra State are more important than the private ambitions of any of the candidates. So he asked them to join him to create a better future for the residents of the area.

Gratitude to Buhari

Obiano expressed his respect and appreciation to President Buhari, saying that under his leadership, democracy is developing and taking its roots deeper in the Nigerian land. The President promised free and fair elections and this came to past.

Willie Obiano - the winner

Willie Obiano

One of the people who congratulated Obiano first was Ike Ekweremadu, Deputy President of the Senate. He said he was glad that things went peacefully and successfully for the governor.

Ekweremadu's opinion

The electoral senator claimed that the result obtained is an expression of the trust of the citizens of Anambra. In his opinion, Obiano has all the features of becoming an outstanding leader. In the next 4 years, he will able to develop his vision of democracy in his state.

Ekweremadu thanked the security forces, journalists, representatives of civil organizations who observed the situation and helped to choose the governor.

He also urged Obiano to shake hands with his opponents as a sign of reconciliation. After all, now the political elite must unite and strive for a common goal regardless of personal aspirations.

Osita thinks Obiano manipulated the elections

Osita Okechukwu, the head of APC, said that in many respects, Obiano won because of Buhari's condescending attitude. If the President made fair judgments and intervened, Obiano would not have gotten opportunity to manipulate the security services. But official reports say that the election process was completely fair and free.

Osita Okechukwu said it's unclear how Obiano will handle the administration given the devastated state budget since he used all available means to succeed in elections.

Osita Okechukwu - one of the opponents

Osita Okechukwu

It also became known that the security agents arrested the representative of APC's Emeka Ibe before the election. Many expect that Obiano's rule will be accompanied by the constant presence of policemen and soldiers on the streets.

Osita called these elections an absurd theatrics. According to him, Obiano thoroughly calculated every detail to get the governor's chair and did not always act honestly. He came to power along with the same people who supported him in 2013. This unexpected coincidence is tantamount to a conspiracy, he believes.

Chidoka claims that he lost because he played honestly

Chidoka, a representative of UPP, conducted a rather vocal election campaign but his actions did not bring the needed result. Describing the situation, he said that his loss was due to the fact that he chose the honest way of participating in the elections. He deliberately did not trade votes, even though for some candidates this was standard practice.

People distrust politicians because they are not sure that these people really act in their interests. Although the message of the UPP was completely aimed at caring for the people, citizens did not want to believe in it because of the strengthened stereotypes about the lack of honesty of politicians. As a result, the bulk of people voted for the candidate who offered them the highest price.


Chidoka - a representative of UPP

Chidoka said that citizens refused to vote for his party without material compensation. But he was not going to win that way. And we can see that he really did not win. People want fair elections but they are responsible for making them unfair. Is this not a paradox?

Of course, losing the election is not the result to which the representatives of UPP aspired, but they still do not fall into despair. The competitors won not only because UPP had a bad structure or wrong ideas. They simply decided not to use such methods as bribery and threats. As democrats, they accept the decision of the citizens. True democracy is a respect for the will of the voters. If citizens want to be sold and managed by corrupt politicians, no one can prevent them from doing so.

If people knew the truth, then representatives of this party will surely win in their hearts. Citizens saw that they work hard and resist all the difficulties. They are sincerely devoted to their mission and strive for the common good. At the end of his speech, Chidoka thanked everyone who supported his candidacy.

Obaze does not agree with results

Obaze said that the vote is overstated and the data of the ballots do not correspond to reality. According to him, these disturbing facts indicate that the election does not reflect the will of the people. Obaze also expressed the idea that the inhabitants of Anambra do not care too much about their well-being. They judged the candidates superficially and made the wrong choice.


We hope it was interesting for you to find out the latest on Anambra election. As you can see, the opinions are quite contradictory. Let's hope that governor Obiano will show his best qualities.

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