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How Christian education contributed to Western education in Nigeria

How Christian education contributed to Western education in Nigeria

At the turn of 19th century when the British first set their foot on the shores of Badagry, Goree Island and most of West Africa coastlines, Nigeria and most of Africa were mostly traditional and rustic communities.

However, the societies had their system of government, traditional institutions, customs and beliefs. But the coming of Europeans brought a piece of Western civilisation.

Christian education has contributed to Western civilisation in many ways. looks at fours ways in which the two have benefited from one another.

1. Missionary schools

Christian education brought missionary schools which were established in Nigeria. For example, schools such as Kings College, Queens College are products of Christian education. The schools contributed in no small measure to the education of Nigerians.

2. Hospitals

Christian education also contributed to the establishment of hospitals, maternity and clinics which contributed to providing good health for Nigerians.

Many common tropical diseases that used to cause high mortality rates among children were treated at the hospitals.

3. Scholarship schemes

Christian missionaries who established schools also instituted scholarships for students to study in overseas universities.

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4. Establishment of University College Ibadan (UCI)

The University College Ibadan was established and modelled after the University College London. The school, established with the input of the British missionaries, produced the first generation of Nigeria's intelligensia and work force.

To sum up, Christian education contributed a lot to the Western education in Nigeria. It can be said that the two go hand in hand because with Christianity came the Western education.

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Meanwhile, had reported that the minister of education, Adamu Adamu, urged President Buhari to declare a state of emergency in education in Nigeria and to substantially increase government’s investment in the sector.

The minister made the appeal on Monday, November 13, at a retreat the Presidency held for ministers on education. The event was at the old Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa in Abuja.


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