How to succeed in network marketing in Nigeria

How to succeed in network marketing in Nigeria

This article is intended to guide beginners in network marketing; so if you have little or no experience in this field, continue reading to learn all you need to know about network marketing and how to carry it out successfully in Nigeria.

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What is network marketing?

Network marketing is a way of transferring goods from producers to consumers through recommendations from one person to another. Such a method of distribution is characterized by the absence of intermediaries - wholesalers who overstate the price of the final product during the resale process. In addition, network marketing does not involve advertising on the streets and in the media; this significantly reduces the cost of promoting goods and services.

For example, the cost of production of chewing gum is from 20 to 50 cents per package. However, when the chewing gum is placed on the counters in a store, its value is increased by several thousand percents! This is the fault of intermediaries - large and small wholesalers who sell chewing gum to each other.

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But the extra charges do not end there because as we know, advertising is the engine of trade and intermediaries spend a lot of money on it. In large companies, up to 50% of the final cost of the goods is the cost of advertising. The end consumer suffers because he has to overpay.

About a hundred years ago, people thought about the problem of unreasonable extra charges brought about by intermediaries, and that was when the idea of network marketing was born to make the process of promotion of goods (services) more convenient, cheaper and faster, and to remove intermediaries and expensive media advertising from the promotion scheme.

This can be done if people themselves tell each other about the network company's products, and get a percentage of the money received from sales as reward.

But one cannot exactly earn a lot of money from the promised percentage. Therefore, multi-level marketing allows you to build your own business by creating a wide network of consumers of the goods.

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How to succeed in network marketing in Nigeria

It is assumed that a person who has developed his network structure will receive a percentage of the total turnover of his structure. This is how he can create a passive income of thousands of dollars monthly.

Network marketing was designed to solve the following tasks:

  • Reduce the cost of goods for the end user. This can be achieved by abandoning expensive advertising on radio, TV and on the Internet.
  • Speed up the delivery of goods to the end user. This is achieved by well thought out logistics (a network of warehouses in different cities and countries).
  • Exclude goods falsifications. In the process of reselling a product, its substitution and falsification in large sums becomes possible. Network companies work with the end user directly, therefore the probability of product falsification is about zero.
  • Motivate company employees with money and business opportunities. In multi-level marketing, you can earn money and build your business from scratch.

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Who is doing well in the network marketing business and are you in this category?

Only three categories of people succeed in network marketing:

  • Leaders. They are active, strong, charismatic persons followed by other people. Leaders have the biggest salaries and structures.
  • Persevering persons. These are stubborn people who do not stop when faced with difficulties. They have the strength of will and desire, they are self-motivated.
  • People in need are those who have been locked in some situation. They have no other way out but to develop a business and they will do everything to succeed and solve their problems. These workers are motivated because they have no option.

These three categories of people have always succeeded in the networking business in Nigeria. If you are not one of them, it means that everything is fine in your life and you do not need anything. Chances are that you do not want to do anything to succeed.

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How to get good results in network marketing?

If you are still confident that you are ready to be persistent, take control and work to reach your goal, the following tips will help you:

1. Decide what exactly you want to achieve in network marketing. No half-tones and vagueness. The picture of your success should be clear and maximally traced. Act now!

2. Choose a company whose work will help you achieve the chosen goal.

3. Choose the mentor that suits you.

4. Tune your mind for the best result. Radiate positive energy. Always remember that striving for unrealistic goals will not lead to success. Believe in yourself and your star.

5. Change your image. Play the role, look the part of a successful person and you will quickly become one in reality. Do not forget that clients and partners will look at your clothes.

6. Work stubbornly. Leave the workplace last. Spend your working time only at work. Remember that success in online networking business in Nigeria does not come easy.

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7. Always be available. Do not hide from the management of your company.

8. Do not wait for the teachers to come and give you everything you need. Your mentor most likely does not have telepathic powers, so do not hesitate to ask for support and accept it with gratitude. Help in building a business will not fall on you from the sky.

9. Create your reputation step by step. Never and under no circumstances risk your honest name.

10. Do not live only in the present moment. Think about the future but at the same time be "here and now". Do something every day that brings you closer to your goals.

11. Always remember your goals in network marketing. Write them out in a notebook. Determine the timing of implementation. Make a list of tasks. Turn your list into a plan to achieve the goal and clearly follow it.

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12. Never forget about the result. Always know what you work for and what you want to achieve. Know how to prioritize.

13. Do not fold before difficulties. Learn how to deal with problems as they come and how to prevent them.

14. Solve tasks creatively. Allow yourself to invent something new time to time. Remember, the greatest success is achieved by those who are not shackled by boundaries.

15. Appreciate those with whom you work side by side. Treat them respectfully as you would like to be treated.

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16. Learn as long as you live. Do not let yourself get stuck on one level. Try to learn something new every day.

17. Wake up the perfectionist in yourself. Become a person who wants to do everything with maximum quality. Your work should always be done for the best mark.

18. Do not let yourself forget that we live in the "buyer's era". Love your customers, take care of them and they will stay glued to your brand.

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19. Always think about increasing profits and reducing costs. Do not refuse even a microscopic opportunity to earn more, and success will definitely come to you!

20. Strengthen your authority. Be a leader. Strive for power.

21. Work as fast as possible but not at the expense of quality. Be a person who can cope with urgent tasks.

It is quite common to find people who do not want to work in the sphere of network marketing. They all say the same things:

This is not for me, it does not suit me.

  • I do not have money to enter the business.
  • I do not know how.
  • I do not want to.
  • I am afraid to sell.

These people have a similar mindset: "I do not want to make an effort and waste my time". Most people are afraid to get out of their comfort zone.

How to succeed in network marketing

Those who refuse to join do not need to be forced into your "religion". You do not need to use various techniques to try to persuade them, it will not lead to good results. Let them go in peace. His refusal is to his own detriment, not to yours. You fulfilled your duty by telling him about the possibility! Contact them again in six months when you have made good income and results. They will come to you!

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