Benefits of giving birth in USA for a foreigner

Benefits of giving birth in USA for a foreigner

According to the 14th amendment of the USA constitution, if a person was born on the American soil, he or she can be granted an American citizenship. It is one of the reasons why pregnant women come travel to the USA to give births. Let us take a look at the top 7 benefits of giving birth in the USA for foreigners.

Benefits of giving birth in USA for a foreigner

Giving Birth in America from Nigeria

About one year ago, the Voanews published a story about Agnes, a Nigerian woman who gave birth to her son in a Washington D.C. hospital. Her husband who was in Nigeria was extremely happy about the birth; but what was the main reason for his happiness? According to the words of the happy parents, they gave birth to a baby with a guaranteed future. Agnes told journalists that she wanted to provide a better future for her child.

Giving Birth in America from Nigeria!

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Agnes’ story is just one of the cases where a foreigner gives birth to a potential American citizen. But do you know how many women do the same every year? According to the Voannews, the number is approximately thirty-six thousand every year.

Are Americans happy about this? Some groups in the USA are strictly against the system that allows foreigners give birth in the USA. They feel the child who is born on the American soil does not exactly commit any crime, however, his or her parents may commit a crime which can be defined as immigration fraud.

Illegal access to giving birth in USA for foreigners

Illegal access to giving birth in USA for foreigners!

The cost of giving birth in the USA is not cheap. If you dare to ask for a visa to give the birth in the country of the bald eagle, you will need to provide a list of documents to prove that you have money to cover the cost. Sadly, a lot of Nigerians who want to provide a better future for their children do not have the thousands of dollars necessary to cover the cost of health care in the USA.

A lot of non-American women misrepresent the purpose of their visit to the USA. For instance, they can apply for a short-term tourist visa, but come to the USA and give birth to the child. It is almost impossible and even immoral to deny pregnant women entry into the USA, that is why a lot of non-American citizens use this trick to give birth to their children in the USA.

Illegal access to giving birth in USA for foreigners!

It is good if they ask help from professional doctors in clinics to give birth, but it is also possible that they can ask for non-professional help because it is cheaper. The cost of giving birth in the USA is very high, therefore, you can find a lot of websites who provide alternatives. For instance, for Chinese users. This website provides complete information about what is called “birth tourism.”

Who are the most highly motivated parents in terms of birth tourism? According to the Voanews, most families who want to give birth to their kids in the USA come from Russia, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, China, Turkey and South Korea, and most of them are not very rich.

What are the benefits of giving birth in the USA if the cost is very high? Check out the top 7 reasons.

Top 7 reasons for giving birth in the USA

Top 7 reasons for giving birth in the USA!

1. Access to the American Health Care

The maternal care in the USA is one of the best in the world. When you get to the clinic, you will be amazed at the quality of services. Kind doctors and nurses can be found in almost every hospital in the USA. Another great reason to give birth to a baby in the USA is the professionalism of doctors. Did you know that you should not push too hard if your child's heartbeat is low? Another reason is the quality of medical facilities in the country.

2. Free Entry and Exit in the USA

Having your baby in the USA makes him/her a citizen, which will grant them free access to the country. No visa will be needed when your child is born on the American soil. Your baby can actually have your home country and the USA citizenship.

3. Travel Possibilities

3. Travel Possibilities

The USA citizenship grants your kids almost unlimited possibilities, like travelling to most countries of the world without a visa. He or she can stay in countries like Belgium, Italy, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

4. Sponsors to the family

One of the main reasons why people want their children to be born in the USA is their desire to get the ticket to the American dream. Their children can become rightful sponsors of their parents or relatives’ green cards.

5. Government Benefits

Benefits of giving birth in USA for a foreigner

If your child is born in the USA, he or she can get all the privileges provided by the USA government, which includes free education in USA schools, students’ loans, scholarships and so on. The USA graduates have much better chances of getting a job in almost any part of the world.

6. Apply for federal jobs

Any citizen of the USA can apply for state and federal jobs, which can be a fantastic opportunity for your kid to build his or her career. He or she can become the next president of the United States, serve in the CIA or the FBA.

7. The right to vote

Every citizen of the USA has the right to vote; this right also includes the power to be voted for. It will open possibilities for your child to become a politician in the USA. Your child can decide the fate of one of the most powerful countries in the world.


Benefits of giving birth in USA for a foreigner

Have you ever considered giving birth in the USA? It will give you and your child a lot of opportunities, however, it comes at a very high cost. If you do not want to pay, then you can always opt for a tourist visa, but do not forget about the risks; birth tourism is very unwelcome in the USA.

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