4 reasons why a youth should be the next president of Nigeria

4 reasons why a youth should be the next president of Nigeria

There has been a clarion call for a new generation of leaders to take over the affairs of the country for a while now. This agitation continues to gain momentum since the country's return to democratic rule in 1999.

In recent times, some Nigerian youths started a movement called #nottooyoungtorun. The idea is to drive the discussion for a generational shift at all levels of governance. Many believed Nigeria will benefit when leaders come from the crop of young leaders.

The Nigeria Senate also recently enacted a bill that lowers the age criteria to make it easy for youths to contest for presidency. These are some of the reasons that have been put forward in favour of young people

Legit.ng recently reported the story of a young man who declared his intentions to run for presidency in 2019.

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This notion brought about a conversation on whether Nigeria would benefit as a country under the guidance of a younger president. Legit.ng presents you with 4 benefits of having a young president in Nigeria below:

1. Youth have more progressive ideas

Youths are believed to have to have progressive ideas that can move the country forward. Rather than replaying old ideas and stuck on primordial beliefs, youths will look into the future when making decisions about governance.

2. They are open new ideas

Youths will also be opened to new ideas that can drive growth in different sectors of the economy, they are able to welcome new ideas that would develop the country more that the older politicians who still believe in the old ways of governing.

3. They are agile enough to withstand the rigorous work of office

Youths are energetic, they to endure the physical challenges of leadership. Youths can stay long hours in office and hold meetings and travels for hours longer than someone in his 60s or 70s can handle.

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4. They can use technology for governance

Technology plays an important role in the development of a country. A country cannot develop without adapting to science and technology in various sectors of the economy. Research and development is crucial to advancements in agriculture, science and technology and education. Youths will be able to adapt more comfortably to a world where science will continue to determine the way we live.

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