How to stop nausea in pregnancy

How to stop nausea in pregnancy

Nausea is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms affecting a lot of women. Only a lucky few get to go through pregnancy without experiencing this. Let's learn more about the issue and remedies that work.


Vomiting in pregnancy is not a new occurrence. In fact, when for most people, nausea is one of the first signs of pregnancy they notice.

Nausea during pregnancy

Purging during pregnancy

What causes nausea in early pregnancy?

Due to all the hormonal changes that happen, especially during the early months of pregnancy, nausea is often a condition that is experienced. Doctors can not actually say for certain what causes these condition or what risk factors are associated with it, but they opine that it may be as a result of all the many changes that occur in the early weeks. If you want to know how to stop nausea in early pregnancy, then you should try taking long walks in fresh air, sleeping well and eating healthy food.

Nausea in the third trimester of pregnancy

For some people, the second trimester of pregnancy often brings with it some relief from nausea.

If you suffer from slight nausea, there is nothing to worry about, however if there are other symptoms, for example, dizziness, high blood pressure, tinnitus, swelling, and excessive thirst, it is important to contact your doctor, as there is a high possibility of a condition such as preeclampsia.

If nausea during pregnancy is accompanied by high fever then emergency help should be sought immediately as this can be very dangerous.

What causes nausea in the third trimester?

Nausea in pregnancy

Vomiting in late pregnancy can be an unpleasant surprise for a woman.

Slight pregnancy nausea can be of physiological nature: because the baby is growing bigger, the pressure on the internal organs increases. Eventually, this may affect the digestive system leading to vomiting.

But if you feel other unpleasant symptoms along with nausea, you need to notify a doctor about your condition.

In the third trimester, there is a risk of developing preeclampsia, which is popularly called late toxicosis. This is a real threat to the pregnancy and the baby because it leads to oxygen deficiency.

If you notice the following symptoms, they may indicate the development of the dangerous illness:

  • increase in blood pressure;
  • dizziness, headaches;
  • excessive thirst;
  • a rapid increase of body weight;
  • the formation of edema;
  • the appearance of protein in the urine;
  • pain in the upper abdomen.

Can vomiting cause miscarriage?

In an otherwise healthy pregnancy, nausea does not pose any dangerous risks. As long as you are able to eat and retain most of your meals, everything should be okay. Even those who suffer severe bouts of nausea in the first trimester are not at risk of miscarriage unless there are other underlying conditions. In most cases, nausea is only uncomfortable for the woman but has no effect on the unborn child.

Danger of vomiting for a pregnant woman

How to stop purging during pregnancy

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Acute and excessive nausea may cause fluid and electrolyte imbalance in the body, which leads to a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Hormonal disruptions in the body of the pregnant mother are not excluded.

If vomiting in pregnancy gets so bad that you are losing weight, feeling sick and unable to eat at all, it is imperative that you visit a medical professional.

How to stop nausea in pregnancy?

A lot of women want to learn how to treat nausea in pregnancy at home. See some great tips below for tips for dealing with pregnancy nausea.

  • Get as much rest as you can. Stress and tiredness often exacerbate the feelings of nausea.
  • When it comes to how to stop pregnancy nausea fast, you need to remember that water is crucial. Drink more water during pregnancy but do this little at a time during the course of the day.
  • Newly pregnant women may want to know how to stop nausea in early pregnancy. If this is the case, you should keep in mind that eating little amount of food often during the day can help. Eating too much may make you feel like vomiting. And this is also the case when your stomach is empty.
  • Eat what your body wants. Pregnant women often have craving for certain kinds of food. You may find that you prefer savoury foods to sweets or vice versa. Listen to your body and eat what you need.
  • Eat protein rich food and have other snacks in hand to keep nausea at bay as you go about your day.

Following these easy steps, you will learn how to stop pregnancy nausea fast.

We hope this information and tips were helpful for you.

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