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6 vital things President Buhari said at education summit in Abuja

6 vital things President Buhari said at education summit in Abuja

A presidential summit on education was held on November 13, 2017 at the old banquet hall in the State House, Abuja. President Buhari spoke extensively on the state of education.

Below are some things he said:

1. President Buhari said: "I want to begin by congratulating the minister of education and the entire education family for setting the stage for this national conversation that is aimed at refocusing the education sector not only to overcome the numerous challenges, but also to strengthen the ministerial strategic plan that has already been developed by the ministry."

2. "We cannot progress beyond the level and standard of our education. Today, it is those who acquire the most qualitative education, equipped with requisite skills and training, and empowered with practical knowhow that are leading the rest.

"We cannot afford to continue lagging behind. Education is our launch-pad to a more successful, more productive and more prosperous future. This administration is committed to revitalizing our education system and making it more responsive and globally competitive."

3. "One of the primary roles of education is to build and sustain individual and society’s development. It renews and improves the economic, social, political and cultural aspects of any nation.

"Education upgrades the living standard of citizens and enables people to become better and more productive citizens. It is a human right that creates a safe, healthy and prosperous society."

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4. "The state of education in Nigeria calls for a serious concern and that is why we are all gathered here today.

"The problem is no longer a secret that the quality of education in Nigeria requires greater attention and improvement.

"That our country is facing numerous challenges in education and all other sectors as a result of historical abuses, mindless impunity and corruption is not news to anyone."

5. "The summit must work to enhance quality in, and access to, higher education and other challenges in the sector that will debar us from attaining the SDGs and be among the top 20 economies in the world."

6. "No nation can achieve economic, social, political and cultural prosperity without a sound and functional education system.

"We should also bear in mind that the security and stability of the country hinges, to a large extent, on its ability to provide functional education to its citizens."

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Meanwhile, the immediate past Senate leader, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume (APC, Borno South) explained that he was prepared to stand with President Muhammadu Buhari and Ibrahim Magu, the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) anytime.

According to a report, Senator Ndume who on Sunday, November 12, declared that Magu has showed competence despite rejection of his appointment by the Senate.

Senator Ndume said: ''I am still standing (on the earlier position) because there is nothing new that came out of it (Senate’s rejection). Magu was nominated by president."

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