Difference between management and administration

Difference between management and administration

Changes in the socio-political and economic life of Nigerians has induced the radical restructuring of the entire management system. Currently, only managing specialists (managers) can productively organize the production and economic activities in any functioning body. To become a good manager or even the head of a firm, it is important to understand the difference between management and administration. Keep reading to get some important information on the subject.

Management vs administration

What is management?

Management is an English word that is known to almost every educated person today. It has a variety of definitions due to the fact that it solves a large variety of tasks. First of all, management is the ability to achieve goals using the works, intelligence and motives of other people.

Management involves several activities related to:

  • The company's orientation to demand, needs of the market and consumers, and the production of those types of goods in demand and can bring the intended profit.
  • The constant striving to increase the efficiency of production, reduce cost and obtain optimal results.
  • The economic independence that ensures freedom of decision-making and final results of a firm's activities.
  • Adjustment of goals and programs depending on the state of the market.
  • The execution of tasks using modern information and equipment to make optimal and justified decisions.

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management and administration

In the area of human resources, management helps to realize the functions of handling people. The theory of HR makes it clear that management is not only about coercion through administrative, legal, organizational, administrative and economic methods, but also personnel management which involves ensuring the growth of employees in the organization and their adaptation in the team.

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team management

The management of organizations includes the following types of activities:

  • Operational
  • Strategic
  • Innovative
  • Financial

Management is designed to create conditions for the successful operation of a firm. In this case, making profit is not the sole interest of the firm, but coordinating its activities to ultimately organize its market becomes important.

The situation on the market, as you know, is constantly changing in terms of financing, the state of the economic conjuncture in the industry or in a country as a whole, and the conditions of trading in the global market.

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The goal of management in these conditions is to overcome risky situations in not just the present days, but also in future. This requires the availability of certain funds and provision of managers with a certain degree of freedom, independence in economic activities for the purpose of rapid response and adaptation to changing conditions.

Modern management is a system that includes scientific approaches, principles and methods that facilitate the adoption and implementation of competitive solutions.

Concept of administration

The administrative apparatus is a set of structures and people that ensure the use and coordination of all the resources in social systems to achieve their goals.

Administrative bodies are organizations and units that have rights to make managerial actions within their competence and monitor implementation of decisions taken.


The functions of administrative bodies include:

  • Definition of top goals and planning.
  • Organization of the activities of manpower, in terms of coordination and stimulation of their daily functions.
  • Accounting and control of performance.

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The main goal of the administration is to ensure coordinated work of the different links in a management system for the performance of contractual obligations with economically viable use of all types of resources.

Administrative function is an activity that is based on division and cooperation of management; it is characterized by a certain uniformity, complexity and stability of activities aimed at achieving the objectives of a management entity.

Difference between administration and management

Administration is a much older term and can be considered superior to management. The tasks of administrative bodies continually become more complicated as the scale of production increases. It also requires an ever-increasing volume of resources - material, financial, labor and others.

Difference management and administration

Controlling the administration of an organization in these dynamic times is a difficult job which cannot be performed successfully if guided by simple, dry and outdated formulas. The leader of this department in any institution must combine an understanding of the general rules and the significance of numerous variations that make situations different from each other.

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Management, on the other hand, is designed to solve the tasks set by the administrative apparatus; its uses also manifest in specific situations that need to be solved.

Administration involves the development of rules, plans, procedures and policies. It establishes the structure of a company in which the management team operates. It is also a bureaucratic activity that involves forecasting, planning and making important decisions at a high level of the hierarchy.

Difference between management and administration

The senior partners and important investors in an organization usually make up the administrative team, while management remains the fate of their workers. Administrators give the managers various tasks and it becomes their responsibility to look for ways to achieve them. Administrators set goals, and management makes decisions geared toward achieving them.



Management is a system that controls a firm’s operations in relation to demand and market needs, with a constant desire to increase production and reduce cost, in order to obtain optimal results.

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Administration is the process of planning, motivating, organizing and controlling the necessary resources to formulate and achieve an organization's goals.

As you can see, administration and management have very similar definitions, but they are not the same. We hope that the information provided in this article was interesting for you.

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