Nigerian actress Chika Ike husband and reasons for divorce

Nigerian actress Chika Ike husband and reasons for divorce

Nollywood actress Chika Ike was formerly married to Tony Eberiri. Their marriage lasted from 2006 to 2013. But why did their love union crash? Find out all about it from this article by Naija.

Chika Ike

Chika Ike and her husband scandal

Fans learnt about the divorce of this Nollywood star in July 2013. Her marriage was annulled by the Abuja High Court after the actress made several allegations against Tony Eberiri. She also claimed he is to blame for their parting. Her ex-husband warned her in advance to not publish garbage about him on social networks, but of course such a thing cannot go unnoticed, and in not time, the entire Nigeria knew who Chika Ike’s husband is and the details of their violent relationship.

Tony insisted that Chika was guilty in the marriage issue too and also did everything possible to destroy their union. The actress accused her husband of beating her severally, which caused the loss of her pregnancy. Tony called her story a rude fiction.

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Nigerian actress Chika Ike husband

Why did their love fade?

According to Chika, these are the four main reasons for their separation:

  • For a start, age was a big factor that led to their separation. Chika Ike’s marriage took place when the actress was only 21 years old. Many marriages concluded at a young age usually end up broken after a few years. When you are young, everything seems somewhat more beautiful than they really are. Over time, all the shortcomings of a partner tend to get revealed, leading to a divorce.
  • The lack of experience leads to many mistakes. Mature people know when it is necessary to remain calm, to show understanding or to leave. The young generation does not have such knowledge, so irascibility can destroy love.
Nigerian actress Chika Ike broken marriage
  • In addition to age, compatibility and matrimonial infidelity also played important roles in their divorce. If people do not agree with the same life principles, their union will not last long. The relationship could be held for a while by patience, but there is a limit to everything and at some moment everything could fall apart. A lot of things in marriage may not be tolerable for a long time.
  • Everybody has different limits on different issues, and the mismatch of opinions could generate misunderstandings between partners, with unpleasant cases of one partner trying to change the views of another without success. But not everyone can stand a brutal interference to his personality.

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After her divorce in 2013, Chika Ike was lucky to find love again. She is however not sure she is ready to get married again. She respects marriage and does not see anything wrong in it but her negative experience has shown her what a serious step marriage is. She is simply focusing on her career at the moment.

Let us wish Chika Ike happiness, love and mutual understanding with her chosen one; this beautiful actress deserves the best.

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