Actress Dayo Amusa biography

Actress Dayo Amusa biography

Dayo Amusa is one of the most popular actresses both in Nollywood and Yoruba movies. Over the years, she has proven to be talented in more ways than one and has built up a reputation of a beautiful, intelligent woman. If you'd like to find out more from Dayo Amusa biography, continue reading below!

Who is Dayo Amusa

Who is Dayo Amusa?

"Award-winning actress," "a talented singer," "promising producer," and "a generous philanthropist" – all of these words can be used to describe Dayo Amusa, but they still don't do her justice. To understand the full magnitude of her personality you have to meet her in person and feel the energy oozing from Dayo.

Even though Dayo Amusa is still pretty young, she has already achieved more than she could ever hope for. "How old is Dayo Amusa?" You might ask. Being born on July 20, 1984, the actress is currently 33 years old and still looks as beautiful as ever before.

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Native to Surulere, Lagos, Dayo is the firstborn child of her parents, who went on to have four more. Her mother, Abiola, is a successful entrepreneur, while her dad, Kolawole Rasheed, has worked as a technician prior to his retirement a couple of years back. To this day, the actress remains close with her parents, supporting them financially and being grateful for their life advice.

Dayo Amusa face

The first school that Dayo went to was the Kenny-Tee Primary School in her hometown. Amusa got her Junior Secondary education at Mayflower Secondary School in Ogun State and continued her studies at Mamak Secondary School to obtain her senior secondary school certificate. She is not only a smart actress, but a great cook as well, as she has a degree in Food Science which she got at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.

Dayo Amusa continues to play a significant role in upholding the Nigerian education system. She currently holds the position of proprietress in two schools. One of them is located in Ibadan and the other one is in her native state of Lagos.

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The actress is currently single but has given birth to a beautiful little girl that was conceived out of wedlock. There have been rumors here and there, but there's no concrete information about who Dayo's baby daddy is. Her daughter is grown up now and ready to follow her mother's footsteps.

Other than her family, Dayo says that one of her primary sources of inspiration and greatest joys in life is traveling. She has visited countries all around the world and often times goes on trips with her mother and daughter.

Dayo Amusa movies

Yoruba Actress Dayo Amusa

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Dayo Amusa began her career as an actress way back in 2002. Four years later, she took her first steps in working as a movie producer, and within a short period of time, Dayo became a valuable asset for the Yoruba entertainment industry. However, the actress doesn't limit herself to only movies shot in the Yoruba language, as she has been credited in several English films as well.

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Below you'll find the list of the most popular films acted by Dayo Amusa:

  • Igbese;
  • Aiye mi;
  • Emuke;
  • Aroba;
  • Diary;
  • I go blow my mind;
  • Aje Egbodo;

The movie "Aje Egbodo" gets a special mention because it's one of the few Nigerian movies where all the parts were played by females. Even more so, the film was produced by Dayo Amusa herself and helped her become the star she is today.

Dayo Amusa Unforgivable promo
  • Unforgivable;

This movie is still considered to be the best in Dayo's filmography. Thanks to this part, Amusa received the Best Lead Actress award in 2013 and the Best Film title at the Yoruba Movies Awards.

Want to learn even more about Dayo? No problem! Next, we'll talk about the most interesting facts from her life and about her worldview.

Top facts about Dayo Amusa

About Dayo Amusa

When asked if she has any regrets being single, Amusa laughed at the question. In her opinion, that isn't an issue. The actress stated that these days 'everyone is just trying to get married no matter what, without even thinking about whether or not they are compatible with their partner. Dayo Amusa herself isn't against marriage but has decided that it's better just to wait until the right man comes along.

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Dayo's current estimated net worth stands at an impressive $700, 000. With such a capital built up, the actress can approach her career with a calm and collective mindset, as well as invest in various businesses. There's still room for growth, and Amusa has all the necessary tools for it.

As we've mentioned at the beginning of our article, Dayo Amusa isn't just a talented actress, but a gifted singer as well. She mainly works in the African Hip Hop genre and has even enjoyed a performance at Canaanland. Dayo recorded a couple of hit songs that widened the circle of her fans even further.

Singer Dayo Amusa song

Interesting fact: Unlike other actors that cover themselves with tattoos and piercings after they become famous, Dayo has had hers since the get-go.

In 2015, Dayo Amusa got into a terrible car crash with a Dangote truck as she was driving home from a party. The truck crashed into four different vehicles as a result of a brake malfunction. Thankfully, everyone got out of the accident relatively unharmed.

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When asked about her fashion style, the Yoruba actress replied that she doesn't enjoy wearing revealing clothing. Dayo said that the reason was her plus size body, so she prefers to just walk around in slippers and jeans. However, that doesn't mean that she's ashamed of her body and wants to lose weight. She feels completely comfortable with how she looks and doesn't want to change a thing. That kind of approach has proven to be relatable among a large part of the Nigerian female population.

Now you know the most interesting facts from Dayo Amusa biography and about her achievements in the movie business. Feel free to share this information with fellow Yoruba film lovers!

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