Nutritional value of garri

Nutritional value of garri

When prepared the right way, garri can be an adequately nutritious food choice that provides several benefits for your health. If you care about choosing a suitable diet and want to know more about the nutritional value of garri, continue reading below!

Nutritional value of garri

What is garri?

Garri, also known as Cassava in Nigeria, is a root native to West Africa. In the olden days, this product was only eaten at home, but nowadays, you can find garri in most malls and at local farm markets. You can buy garri both in its raw form and as flour.

This root doesn't require much cooking, as it's ready to be consumed immediately after the preparation process is completed. The only finishing touch that is needed is to moisten it before eating. Regarding its taste qualities, Garri possesses a noticeably sour flavor and a fleeting smell.

You can find various types of garri available on the market:

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  • Bendel Garri
  • White Garri
  • Ijebu Garri
  • Ghana Garri
Chicken in garri

The kind of garri you'll get depends on the fermentation and preparation process. Thus, a shorter period will leave you with white or red garri, while fermenting the root for longer will result in an the Ijebu or Ghana variant.

As for what you can eat garri with, there are several options to choose from. It can be consumed with some refreshing water as a snack. To add more taste, cooking enthusiasts recommend a bit of sugar or salt depending on your preference. Garri can also be used to make Eba, which is a form of dough that is served with soups.

The most popular recipe that contains garri is Fufu. However, Nigerians also actively use it as a side meal instead of rice or couscous, as it has similar nutritional value. Speaking of nutrition, let's find out how good garri is in terms of its components.

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Calories in garri

Man cooking garri

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The two greatest advantages of eating garri are that it provides your body with loads of starch and fiber. Other than those two elements, this root also has a marginal dose of protein and other vitamins. Below you'll find a detailed breakdown of calories and other the nutritional elements that are contained in one cup of garri:

  • Kilocalories – 330;
  • Carbs – 80 g;
  • Fibers – 48 g;
  • Protein – 1.1 g;
  • Fat – 1 g;
  • Calcium – 40 mg;
  • Iron – 1.5 mg;
  • Cholesterol – 0 mg;
  • Na – 0 mg;
  • Ka – 0 mg;

Now that you know the nutritional composition of garri, let's talk about what health benefits you can reap from adding it to your daily meal.

Health benefits of garri

Garri flour in hands

Even though garri isn't a type of food that has dozens upon dozens of potential health benefits, it's still a valuable addition to your menu. One of the most significant advantages of consuming a healthy amount of garri each day is that it provides you with enormous amount of energy thanks to its high starch content.

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The impressive amount of fiber present in garri turns it into a powerful remedy in fighting constipation and other bowel system illnesses. Even if you're healthy, this root will prove to be a great aid in proper digestion. Some studies also suggest that eating garri is useful for colon cancer prevention.

Yellow garri

If you take all the information provided above into account, you'll see that garri is an excellent alternative for white-flour food products or rice. We recommend eating some of it for lunch, during the busy part of your day. It'll give you the necessary energy boost and will help you get through the rest of the day.

Red and yellow variants of this meal have more fats and oil which provide some extra nutritional components. Even more so, eating garri is most efficient when it's paired with different kinds of soups, or other types of products such as vegetables, meats, etc. Consume all of them together, and you'll enjoy a healthy diet.

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Interesting nutritional facts about garri

Now you know the nutritional content of garri and the most interesting facts about it. You've also learned what health benefits this root can provide you, and understand why it should become a part of your diet. Feel free to share this article with your friends and family that might benefit from finding out this information!

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