Hormonal imbalance and pregnancy: facts every woman shoul know

Hormonal imbalance and pregnancy: facts every woman shoul know

People’s health directly depends on hormones and how every gland that produces them functions. If the level of estrogen or progesterone in a woman’s body is higher or lower than mormal, we can say that there is a 'hormonal imbalance'. Being pregnant during hormonal imbalance can have an impact on both the mental and physical condition of women and complicate the pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance aggravates the performance of the internal organs and the general condition of a pregnant woman. All this leads to one question about hormonal imbalance and pregnancy: how to conceive a baby?

Hormonal imbalance and getting pregnant

Hormonal imbalance and getting pregnant

Hormonal imbalance leads to difficulties in conceiving a child and it can also lead to pregnancy complications. Hormonal imbalance may even provoke a loss of pregnancy.

So, if a woman wants to get pregnant she should consult a gynecologist and get treated immediately. There is a possibility of conception taking place if the level of hormones are made favorable. A very special hormone, which is produced during pregnancy, is responsible for embryo’s development.

If you do get pregnant, it is also very important to always get regular check-up. These tests are done in order to keep track of hormones level. It is also advisable to take good care of your health during this time.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, there is a possibility that a woman can still suffer the effect of certain hormonal imbalance. But what are the signs?

  • Constant headaches;
  • Insomnia;
  • Irritability;
  • Excessive sweatiness;
  • Moodiness;
  • Indigestion;
  • Memory problems;
  • Weakness.

What causes hormonal imbalance during pregnancy?

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Women in their late 40s are more likely to suffer from hormonal imbalance. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the most crucial one is women neglecting their health and issues with their period. Other ones are;

  • Infectious diseases;
  • Stress;
  • Immune system imbalance;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle;
  • Obesity.

Hormonal imbalance and pregnancy loss

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Hormonal imbalance is frequently blamed for miscarriages. Well, there is a direct connection between them. If the level of hormones is not favourable, then an embryo can't develop properly and pregnancy loss can occur. This horrible consequence can be avoided if a woman's hormonal condition is treated properly.

Hormonal imbalances can and must be treated. During pregnancy, gynecologists prescribe some modern remedy which is effective and harmless for both a mother and her child. These remedies can control the level of hormones and with no harmful impact on the child. It is also important to lead a healthy lifestyle and take vitamins.

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