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Former ministers allegedly plan to stop new book about Jonathan

Former ministers allegedly plan to stop new book about Jonathan

- A new book on Jonathan is allegedly been stopped by former ministers under his administration

- The book titled: 'On a Platter of Gold' is reportedly written by Bolaji Abdullahi, spokesman of APC

- Abdullahi has described his book as an exclusive account of the making and the unmaking of Jonathan’s government

Bolaji Abdullahi, spokesman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), has written a book titled 'On a Platter of Gold' and it reportedly has a lot about former president Goodluck Jonathan.

There are reports that some former ministers in the government of Jonathan are allegedly weighing the options to use in stopping the release of the book.

The Cable reported that the ex-ministers are worried that the author might use the book as an avenue to hit back at Jonathan for relieving him of his duties as minister of sports.

Meanwhile, Abdullahi has described his book as an exclusive account of the “making and the unmaking” of Jonathan’s government.

He announced that the book gives revelations of the intrigues that surrounded the 2015 presidential election and its aftermath, and would be out in October.

He said: “The book, which has the subtitle, ‘How Jonathan Won and Lost Nigeria’, is introduced as follows.

“Was Goodluck Jonathan weak and clueless, as his traducers have claimed? Or – as his supporters have alleged – was he just a victim of vicious conspiracies by an entitled cabal that would stop at nothing to bring down this ‘intruder’ to power?”

The source said: “The ex-ministers are so angry about the book written by their former colleague and they are determined to stop him at all cost.

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“Their main source of concern is the manner in which Abdullahi left that government. They are thinking that he would write uncomplimentary things about Jonathan since he was sacked.

"The options before them now is to either use the court to stop the circulation of the book or to write another book which would contain an entirely different account from that of Abdullahi.”

However, Ikechukwu Eze, Jonathan's spokesman has described the allegation of stopping Abdullahi as strange.

"Is it possible for former ministers to stop a book written by the spokesman of a ruling party?

“It doesn’t make sense for a former minister to stop such book. I mean I see no reason why anyone will stop the book.

"There have been many things written about the administration of Jonathan and no one stopped them. In any case, I am not aware of such a plot,” he said.

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