Happy Independence Day Nigeria wishes

Happy Independence Day Nigeria wishes

On the 1st of October, everyone will share “Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!” congratulatory messages. Our beloved country is 57 years old this year, counting from the end of the colonial era. On this day in 1960, a new free era began for Nigeria, in which we independently built our own country and government.

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Short history of Independence in Nigeria

European influence in our country is one we had had to deal with since the Portuguese and Spaniards appeared on our land in the 16th century. The British, from whom we separated in 1960, seized power in Nigeria in the 19th century. Germany also fought for this power but the British were victorious.

Even though some European customs still existed in the country, the call for Nigerian independence, which took place in the middle of the 20th century, strengthened Nigerians as a separate nation, not a foreign colony. Nigeria received the status of a 'federal republic' and adopted its constitution in 1963. At that time, Nnamdi Azikiwe became the first president.

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Our country has gone through difficulties and continues to move towards the creation of a prosperous life for all Nigerians. Thus, the Nigeria Independence Day is celebrated annually.

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Happy independence day Nigeria wishes

Happy Independence day wishes

If you would like to celebrate this season with your family and friends, all you need to do is to remind them that Nigeria is an independent country and is on her way to a bright future. We have prepared a compilation of the wishes which you can use to congratulate your friends and loved ones in this special occasion.

  • I congratulate you on this Independence Day of our wonderful, flourishing country. May the fire of love, faith, and hope always burn in your hearts, and respect, prosperity and well-being reign in your home!
Happy Independence Day
  • On this day, I congratulate anyone who calls himself a Nigerian and lives on this glorious land, regardless of the language you speak and what traditions you follow. May you be independent in your thoughts and in your deeds, in order to create a blossoming paradise that future generations will be proud of. Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!
  • On this day, we remember all the grief and suffering that Nigerians had to endure to achieve the long-awaited freedom, independence, and sovereignty of our country. I congratulate all the inhabitants of this beautiful country - Nigeria. May joy, love, smile, luck and peace continue to thrive in our homeland.

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Happy independence day
  • Today is the day Nigeria celebrates its birthday, as an independent, sovereign country. And that is why I want to congratulate all Nigerians on this well-deserved holiday. Progress will always be our portion.
  • Dear Nigerians, today is a big day in our country -it is the celebration of our independence. Accept my sincere congratulations. May our politicians be reasonable, wise and prudent. May the people be law-abiding, active, creative and hardworking. May be build a powerful country together.
  • Today, I celebrate with my Nigerian brothers and sisters on our Independence Day. We are great people that have passed through a lot of struggles to be free. On this day, I wish everyone happiness, fun, laughter, smiles, and a cheerful spirit.
  • Today marks the date when the dream of our great-grandfathers for freedom became a reality. I wish all the Nigerian people good health, strong spirit and confidence in a brighter future.
  • Our Independence Day is more than just a holiday. It is a day to remind ourselves of how far we have come and how much we have done. It is a day of unity and togetherness. It is the day we put aside hostilities and come together as one big, unified family. Today is truly a special day for the nation. Happy Independence Day, Nigeria.

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Happy Independence Day Nigeria parade

Legit.ng also congratulates all Nigerians on our coming Independence Day and wishes only the best! Let's enjoy our freedom, congratulate each other and maintain a joyful spirit during this special day.

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