Nigeria Immigration Service ranks

Nigeria Immigration Service ranks

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is one of the civil service forces under the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs. The NIS is in charge of modern migration into and outside Nigeria, regional and sub-regional political alignments. This post is about the Nigeria Immigration Service ranks.

Ranks in the Nigeria immigration service

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) was formed in 1958. Before then, the immigration service was under the jurisdiction of the Nigerian Police Force. The immigration service was referred to then as the Immigration Department.

The top-ranking officer who was the head of the Immigration Department was called the Chief Federal Immigration Officer (CFIO). The Immigration Department was founded upon the Immigration Ordinance of 1958.

On the 1st of August, 1963, the Immigration Department was formally established on the Act of Parliament (Cap 171, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria). And the head of the Immigration Department was known as the Director of Immigration.

Nigeria Immigration Service

On the 1st of October 1992, some structural reforms were done in the Immigration Department and the title of the head of the immigration service was changed to the Comptroller General of Immigration Service (CGIS). As of today, the Nigeria Immigration ranks structure from the highest ranking immigration officer to the lowest ranking immigration officer are as follows.

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Decoration of an Immigration officer after her promotion

Nigeria Immigration Service ranks

  • The Comptroller General Immigration Service (CGIS)
  • Assistant Comptrollers General (ACGI)
  • Assistant Comptrollers (AC)
  • Superintendent of Immigration
  • Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI)
  • Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)
  • Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)
  • Immigration Assistant (IA)
  • Passport Officers
Nigeria Immigration Service officers

These are the current ranks in the Nigeria Immigration Service. If you are applying to join the National Immigration Service, we wish you the best. The path from a Passport Officer to a Comptroller General Immigration Service is not easy and quick, but knowledge, skills, experience, hard work, and dedication will take you to the top.

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