Mugabe once called Trump 'another Goliath', warned against imperialism

Mugabe once called Trump 'another Goliath', warned against imperialism

- The late former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, once wondered why Donald Trump meddles in the affairs of other countries

- Mugabe, whose death was announced on Friday, September 6, described Trump as the biblical Goliath saying leaders are embarrassed by the latter's postures on international issues

- The late former leader then demanded the full implementation of the Paris agreement on climate change

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe attacked Donald Trump of the United States calling the latter the biblical Goliath at the 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations.

He also said Africa was suffering a system perpetrated by “historic injustice, one that can never be justified today.”

Mugabe wondered why Trump was interfering in the issues of other countries.

He also warned that countries, especially Africa, would fight every monster that comes in any way just like the continent successfully fought imperialism.

He said the majority of leaders have resolved to change and improve the current system with negotiations to yield accepted reforms, not to destroy it.

He however lamented that this effort is slow with the people left to wonder whether those who enjoy abusing their powers and privileges of the current set up are sincere.

He further said it was troubling that some countries want to reap peace when they spend heavily on technologies to aid war.

“We believe a different and better world is possible,” he said while supporting peace building and resolution to crises as proposed by the UN assembly.

“The continued denial of the rights to self-determination to the people of Western Sahara and Palestine, who are living under colonial and foreign occupation is immoral and an urgent issue for those seeking peace in our time,” he said.

He urged for the implementations of the resolutions passed by the Security Council of the UN.

“We respect and defend the rights of each country to take decisions in exercising its sovereign rights. We cannot however remain silent when those decisions negatively affect our own welfare.

“And on this, may I say some of us are embarrassed, if not frightened, by what appears to be the return of the biblical giant called Goliath.

“Are we having the return of Goliath to our midst who threatens the extinction of other countries?

“May I say, today, the United States president, Mr Trump, please blow your trumpet, blow your trumpet in a musical way towards the values of unity, peace, cooperation, togetherness, dialogue which we have always stood for.

Mugabe urged the US to guide other countries with the principles of unity rather than the promise of their damnation.

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“Damnation we shall always resist no matter whence it comes. We have resisted when it was in the form of imperialism as we fought for our own independence and culture to be masters of our own destiny.

“That is why we call ourselves free today…it is because the monster of imperialism was defeated by us. Bring us another monster by whatever name, he will suffer the same consequences,” he said.

Concerning climate change, Mugabe slammed Donald Trump for abandoning the agreement reached by heads of government in Paris.

“Let us work together, climate change is a reality,” he urged. reported earlier that President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria also presented a speech at the meeting.

While Buhari challenged world leaders on peaceful negotiation especially as it relates to the threat of war by North Korea, President Donald Trump vowed to crush the country. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better.

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