How to know the genotype of a baby during pregnancy

How to know the genotype of a baby during pregnancy

Do you know the genotype of your partner? This is one of the essential conditions for building a strong relationship between a couple and ensuring the birth of healthy children. If you dream of a happy marriage without stress, this information is useful for you.

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It turns out that many of the health problems children face can be avoided by learning the compatibility of the parents through genotype and blood group. So let us investigate: what is a genotype and how do we define it?

What is a genotype?

A genotype is a set of DNA segments (genes) carrying some information about the genetic history of an individual.

What do our genes determine? They define many of our character traits and inclinations. They impact our individual peculiarities, including illnesses, behavior, talents and physical activity.

There are four humans genotypes - AA, AS, SS and AC. What do they mean? The rarest of these is AC genotype. People with AA genotype are lucky. SS and AC are abnormal genotypes due to the availability of sickle cells in their DNA that causes various diseases.

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The sooner partners know their genotype, the better. If they are not compatible and there is a risk of giving a birth to an SS genotype child, it is better to avoid the pain and suffering.

Genotype test procedure

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Genotype test is usually performed using a blood sample. Sometimes a piece of hair or skin may be used as a test sample. During pregnancy, the amniotic fluid surrounding a baby can be used as a sample for genotype test. The purpose of the test is to separate and identify the genotype of the human hemoglobin. The test sample is sent to a laboratory for checking chromosomes, DNA or proteins.

It is also possible to know the genotype of a baby during pregnancy. For this, a pregnant woman is advised to have a combined test. The genotype test procedure in this case includes the pregnancy blood test and/or an ultrasonic scan. The blood test is better to done between 14 and 20 weeks of pregnancy.

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SS genotype symptoms

How to know the genotype

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Symptoms of sickle-cell anemia or SS genotype usually appear when a baby is between 3 and 6 months.

There are several types of this condition, but they all have similar symptoms to various degrees, including the following:

  • excessive fatigue or irritability
  • frequent infections
  • swelling and pain in hands and feet
  • fussiness
  • pain in chest, back, arms, or legs
  • jaundice revealed in yellowing of eyes and skin
  • delay in puberty.

Prenatal test is used to identify the changes in the genes of an unborn baby. It is applied in case of suspicions for genetic or chromosomal disorders caused by the parents` genotype incompatibility or due to a number of other reasons.

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