Nigerian lace styles dress 2017

Nigerian lace styles dress 2017

Lace is a very light fabric which is mainly used only for making stunning lace style dresses for real fashionistas. If you are interested in lace styles then you need designs that can inspire you! You definitely deserve to stun in a lace dress. Sure, it's expensive but is very unique and beautiful. Let’s find out which Nigerian lace styles dresses are appreciated by fashionistas these days and are in trend.

Nigerian lace styles dress 2017

Do not hesitate when it comes to picking your perfect dress for a wedding, party, date or even for a walk with friends. The lace dress will satisfy even the pickiest fashion girl. You might ask, why the lace dress?

Nigerian lace styles dress 2017

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  • First, lace dresses suit most women in terms of figure and gives her a chance to look flawless and gorgeous.
  • Also, it comes in different patterns and colors. You can experiment not only with colors but with styles as well. Choose a knee-length lace dress for a cocktail party or a long white lace gown for the most special day of your life.
  • Third, you can wear it to any occasion: a wedding, a party or even a date!
Be the most elegant lady with these latest lace styles

Cord lace style dresses

These dresses are popular among Nigerian youths. Young ladies adore cord lace dresses and enjoy how good they look in them. The patterns and designs of cord lace styles dresses are countless. Nigerian ladies are giving preferences to off-shoulder long dresses made with cord lace.

Nigerian cord lace styles dress 2017

Nigerian cord lace styles dress 2017: peach color

You can wear it in pastel or bright colors. It is all up to you and how you feel! You can combine a bright dress with lighter colored headwrap or Gele.

Gorgeous cord lace

Nigerian cord lace styles dress 2017: yellow color

Cord lace

You might want to try this knee-long cord lace dress. You are guaranteed to have many eyes on you

Cord lace knee-length dress

Gorgeous French lace

If you like a more tender variant of lace then French lace is a right option for you. The designs and color combinations are many. You can opt for a style with long sleeves.

Nigerian French lace styles dress 2017

You can choose a gorgeous sleeveless dress of the most amazing design and you certainly have all eyes on you.

Trendy lace styles for Nigerian ladies in 2018: create your perfect look!
Nigerian French lace styles dress

Aso ebi and Bella Naija lace style dresses

Many fashionistas wear more knee-length lace dresses, but long Aso ebi lace dresses are also in trend. The popular fashion websites post plenty of eye-catching lace style dresses for you to enjoy. Let’s see which styles of dresses are popular now.

Nigerian lace styles dress 2017 - Aso ebi

Aso ebi and Bella Naija lace style dresses: bright color

You can also combine the dress with your amazing Gele. The most popular combinations are pink and blue, yellow and blue, yellow and green.

Aso ebi and Bella Naija lace style dresses: pink and blue color

Nigerian lace styles dress 2017 - yellow and green

What about more calm colors: white or milky chocolate? You can still be sparkling and bright without wearing flashy colours

Nigerian lace Aso ebi and Bella Naiji styles dress 2017: chocolate color

Aso ebi and Bella Naija lace style dresses: white lace dress

Wedding lace style dresses

Are you dreaming of the perfect wedding dress design? Maybe your wedding is coming up and you still have not made up your mind about the fabric of the dress. Well, you should know that lace is the best friend of all Nigerian brides-to-be. You can choose a lace style dress as your main wedding dress or for a different version to wear during other times of the day.

Top Nigerian lace dress styles to wear in 2019
Nigerian lace wedding styles dress 2017

Nigerian lace wedding styles dress 2017

If you're not the bride this time around, then you can also choose a nice lace dress to attend your friend or relative’s wedding. Take a look at these lace types, styles, designs and choose the one you like.

Nigerian lace wedding bridemaids styles dress 2017

How amazing are these lace style dresses?! There is no doubt that the perfect dress is not the most expensive one, but the one which suits you well. We can say for sure that lace dresses will definitely not let you down. Choose the one you like and show the world what you’ve got.

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