How to cut and sew female trousers

How to cut and sew female trousers

It`s not a simple task to make the perfect pair of trousers for yourself. Nonetheless, will help you to do this! How to cut and sew female trousers? Check our step-by-step guide to learn how to do this! Continue reading to find out more!

How to cut and sew female trousers

Sewing trousers step by step

Sewing trousers step by step

1. Find your trousers pattern

1. Find your trousers pattern!

You can find a lot of variations for female trousers! The Internet is a real treasure chest for ideas on how to cut ladies trousers! Choose one of the ideas available! You can go for slim legs, wide legs and, of course, waist size. Do not forget to buy the pattern suitable for the lady who will wear the trousers!

2. Choose your fabric

2. How to cut female trousers – choose your fabric

There are plenty of fabric variations suitable for trousers. Therefore, before you learn how to cut a trouser – take a closer look at the fabric. You can order the fabric at the local store or online! You will need to have at least 3m of fabric.

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3. Use lining material

3. Lining material and top stitch color

Do not forget to buy at least half a meter of washable lining material. You will also need to buy a top stitch color. This color will compliment or camouflage your style. No matter what you choose, you will need a top stitch color and lining material.

4. Practice before you start

4. Practice before you start

You will need to practice a little bit with colors to find your perfect mix of colors. If you want to make denim trousers, then you will want 2 top stitches. Double stitches are used in most jeans.

5. Check your body measurements properly

5. How to sew female trousers – body measurements!

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Now, let`s take a look at the most important part of the sewing trousers guide – body measurements! Some patterns of your trousers can be perfectly fine, while others will need additional measurements. Therefore, take a look at this basic measurements!

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  • Groin. It`s usually called the underside or groin measurement. It's the distance from the waist band in front to the waist band at the back. You will need to divide the number you get in half and add 5cm – this will give you enough room for movement.
  • Ankles. The ankles measurement are the most important ones. Measure the circumference of the ankles. Do not forget that you will need to get your feet between the measurements! Divide the number you get in half!
  • Thigh. You will need to measure the circumference of the widest point of your thigh. The thigh area should have enough space for movement. Therefore, add 2.5cm to the number you get.
  • Hips. You will need to measure the circumference of the hips at the widest point. You will also have to cut the divide the number in quarters as you will use at least four pieces of fabric.
  • Inside legs measurement. Use your tape to measure your inside legs starting from you groin to your legs!
  • Outside legs measurement. You will need to use the measuring tape to measure all the distance from your waist to your ankles or where you need the trousers to get to. You will need to add 5cm to this number.

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6. Cut off the pattern

6. Cut off the pattern!

This is very simple! Cut out the pattern according to the dotted guidelines. Do not forget to put the cuts together to ensure that they perfectly fit each other.

7. Put the patterns on the fabric

7. Put the patterns on the fabric

How to cut and sew a female trouser? Put the patterns on the fabric! Cut along the lines of the pattern you have already cut. You can also mark the pattern on the fabric if you are sure that you can't lose track!

8. Pin the back of your pants

8. Back of your pants

Put the two pieces that will constitute the back of your pants. Pin them so they can stay put during the process of sewing. You will also need to pin every 2.5cm between the pieces so they can stay fixed.

9. Stitch the trousers

9. Stitch the trousers!

Just stitch the trousers where the fabric meets. Do not forget that you need to stitch alongside the outer edge!

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10. Use an iron

10. Use an iron

Use an iron to press the seam to one side!

11. Do the same with front of your pants

11. Front of your pants

Do the same procedure as was described in the previous steps 8 to 10 with the front of your pants.

12. Put the zipper fly

12. Zipper fly

Align your pants so you can figure out where to put the zipper fly. Do a basting stitch in the zone of your future zipper fly. Iron the two seams open to the sides of the basting stitch. Line up the zipper with the basted seam. Pin the left side of the zipper to the fabric and sew it with a sewing machine. Perform the same procedure with the right side.

13. Match backs

13. Back and front portion matches

Match both backs of your trousers. Pin the leg seams. Do not pin the zipper area!

14. Stitch the seams

14. Stitch the seams

Stitch the seams with single stitch!

15. Adjust the pants to your waist measurements

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15. Adjust the pants to your waist measurements

Cut the waist band of your trousers. Just cut the fabric according to your waist measurements plus 1.6cm for seam allowance. Iron the waist band.

16. Pin the waist band

16. Waist band manipulation

You will need to pin the waist band. It will extend to the right side.

17. Stitch the ends

17. Stitch the ends

Turn the fabric inside out and stitch the fabric together. Also, trim any excess fabric.

18. Try the pants on

18. Try the pants

Your pants are almost ready! Try them on to see what you should do next! Hem the bottoms of the trousers.

19. Final step

women trousers

Now you just need to cut off the excess fabric, stitch everything up and cut a button hole in the waist. It will be your final step for this trouser-making process! Now you can wear your trousers!


Now you know how to cut and sew a trouser. Just follow our step-by-step instruction to create your own pair! Find more related posts and stay creative about what you wear. Everything you need to know only on

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