List of cities in Norway by population

List of cities in Norway by population

Norway is a northernmost state in Europe, located on the Scandinavian Peninsula and bordering Sweden, Russia and Finland. The country is known for its unique nature: in Norway there are a lot of rivers, forests, massifs of mountains and fjords - narrow sea bays. For this reason, there are always a lot of tourists in Norway. Everyone wants to glare at natural riches and beauties of this clean and noble country. That’s why we’ve decided to make list of cities in Norway by population, so you can choose one to travel to.

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List of major cities in Norway – Top 5

1. Oslo

Oslo in Norway

Population: 580,000

Oslo is the largest city and the capital of Norway. It is located in the southeastern part of Norway, at the northern extremity of the Oslo Fjord. Oslo is Norway's largest economic, cultural and scientific-educational center.

Significant revenue in the city budget is provided by the port, which serves about six thousand ships a year. In Oslo, you can find the largest educational institutions in the country: the University of Oslo, the Norwegian School of Management, the Norwegian School of Veterans, the Norwegian Music School and the National Academy of Arts of Oslo. As a cultural capital, Oslo has the opera theater and lots of museums: the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, the city museum, the Munch Museum, the Kon-Tiki Museum, the Fram Museum and the Viking Ship Museum.

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One of the main attractions of Oslo is the palace-castle Akershus. Built in 1299 as the residence of kings, it became a fortress since 1592. Between 1637-1648 the fortress was rebuilt in the Renaissance style. Here you can see the majestic halls, the royal mausoleum and the serf church. In addition, the castle houses the Military Museum, which displays the military and political history of the state, from the time of the Vikings until the middle of the 20th century.

The Vigeland sculpture park is an indescribable experience for visitors. The unlimited imagination of Gustav Vigeland created this architectural and park ensemble. The park is a collection of 212 sculptures located along the axis of the park, displaying all the stages of a person's life journey. It is visited by about a million tourists every year.

2. Bergen

Bergen in Norway

Population: 213,585

Bergen is the largest city and port in Western Norway. It stretches in the valleys around the high (up to 900 meters) hills and occupies almost the entire area of the Bergen peninsula, which is cut by a dense network of fjords. Summer is cool here, but in the winter, the average temperature fluctuates around 0 °, and the sea does not freeze.

Bergen is one of the cultural centers of the country. Here the famous composer Edward Grieg, the educator Ludwig Holber, many famous singers, artists and musicians were born. Bergen is also considered one of the most visited tourist places, which contributes to a peculiar architectural appearance. The most famous landmark (in the UNESCO World Heritage List) of Bergen is Bryggen, or the German embankment. Its appearance was created by Hanseatic merchants, who opened their offices and representative offices in Bergen.

3. Trondheim

Trondheim in Norway

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Population: 147,139

On the coast of the fjord at the mouth of the Nidelva River you can find the city of Trondheim - the capital of the fief of Sør-Trøndelag. It is famous for traditional wooden houses, which rise on stilts. Modern buildings are successfully combined with the classical architecture of buildings of past centuries. The city has the largest university in Norway. Surrounded by the coniferous forests, Trondheim is located 550 kilometers away from the capital. The Nidelva River divides the city into two parts.

By the beginning of the 20th century, the city had significantly increased its borders. The center of Trondheim is decorated with the main historical sights - the Archbishop's Palace and the Cathedral of Nideros, built in 1070. A coronation of members of the royal family for several centuries are usually conducted. The largest wooden palace in the country is the royal residence ‘Stevesgarden’, built in 1178. The interior is represented by styles from different eras.

4. Stavanger

Stavanger in Norway

Population: 121,610

On the peninsula in the south-western part of Norway's coast in Rogaland, you may find the city of Stavanger, which is the oil capital of the country. The territory of the city is in a zone of mild maritime climate with winds and rains. Due to the close location of NATO's military base, Stavanger is subject to foreign influence and the mercantile interests of foreign oil companies.

One of the rare historical and architectural monuments is the ancient cathedral located in the central part of the city. Several lakes adorn the landscape of the city and its environs. Lake Breivatnet lies in the center of Stavanger. Two other natural reservoirs - Stockkavatnet and Mosvatnet are located in the vicinity of the city.

5. Drammen

drammen in Norway

Population: 90,72

It is one of the biggest cities in Norway. It is located in the province of Buskerud in Norway. Oslo is in 40 kilometers away from it. This modern city is adorned with a magnificent park, on the grounds of which there is a well-known museum with interesting exhibits.

In the olden days, the Marienlist resided here. In the interior of the palace there are a collection of magnificent silverware and pieces of furniture. There is a small village, consisting of 25 buildings located next to the open-air museum. There are barns, houses, a water mill, a sawmill and other structures.

The ancient church of Bragernes, dating from 1871, is the second building that was built in the city after the fire of 1866. In its premises there are often concerts of organ music.

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Norway is a beautiful country worth your visit. Which city of the biggest ones would you like to choose? Share your opinion in comments below!

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