Nigerian celebrities and their houses

Nigerian celebrities and their houses

Let’s talk about Nigerian celebrities and their houses! Do you want to find out all the chic mansions owned by some of the most famous super stars? Only the best photos! You will be surprised!

Nigerian chic mansions

Everyone who has achieved a certain success in life tries to buy real estate. As for celebrities, the place of residence is also an indicator of their status. They say, my house is my castle.

The show business stars are divided into two categories. There are those who prefer not to advertise their homes. They buy a modest house far away from prying eyes or prefer to rent housing and not stay for a long time in one place.

Nigerian luxury houses

Then there are the ones who want to build or buy something super expensive and grandiose to impress the world and make themselves more interesting. Such celebrities, typically, equip houses with the best and the fanciest designs. They buy expensive furniture and interior items. A large area and swimming pool are also attached to the list.

Nigerian celebrities certainly enjoy showing off. Of course, we cannot take into account all the stars, but we’ll try to consider some of the most famous ones and their houses.

Wizkid mansion on the hills of Los Angeles

Wizkid house

In 2016, the highly successful musician acquired a mansion on the hills of Los Angeles, in the United States. As you can see in the photos, it’s a real "palace" in a colonial style. The building of the house is quite large. It has three floors. The house is painted in sandy colour and blends in with the surrounding landscape.

Wizkid house in the USA

A gorgeous staircase made of white marble leads to the front entrance. It’s made in the classical style. The building has large panoramic windows, several balconies, and graceful terraces with columns. The surrounding of the house is decorated with arches and wrought-iron fences on balconies and terraces. A unique charm to the palace is shown by lanterns fixed on the walls of the house. It gives the place a vintage look.

Wizkid house courtyard

Around the house, there are a lot of green spaces. In front of the mansion, a large courtyard can be found. It’s laid out with terracotta tiles and has a decent-sized swimming pool. At the pool, there are many places to get some or host friendly gatherings. Obviously the musician and his friends spend a lot of time here.

Wizkid house interior

A beautiful view of nature opens up from the house and courtyard. The house interior is also made in the classical style. The decoration of the mansion is simple without any excess. Only calm and neutral colors can be found there.

Nigerian celebrities and their houses - Wizkid mansion

The amount paid by the singer for his palace is not known to the public. But real estate in this area costs approximately 10 - 15 million dollars. We bet Wizkid is loving this fancy crib.

Wizkid house in Lekki

It’s said that the musician has a house in Lekki, Nigeria. But whether it’s the singer’s property or he just rents the house, it’s not very clear.

Davido house
Davido mansion

Davido mansion

Davido as a famous and very popular singer in Nigeria has a house in Lekki. For some time the musician aroused the public's interest with photos taken from the construction site. He assured fans that it was the building of his new house. Recently, he announced his move to his new mansion.

Davido "old" new house

On the Internet, there are photos and videos of that building. It resembles Davido’s old house but beautifully renovated. The house is quite massive. It has three floors. Its design is simple without any special frills and fanciful elements. There are several balconies and a terrace there.

The house interior is definitely fit for a bachelor. The colours of decoration are calm, basic, and soft. The predominant colours are ivory, light beige, gray, and brown. The rooms are huge and bright. There is not a lot of furniture.

We certainly see that he has a billiard room, a dressing room, a bathroom and bedrooms. There is a shelf that houses the singer’s musical awards. The musician’s closet is also large. This celebrity obviously has a lot of shoes and clothes.

Davido house in Lekki

The courtyard near the house is small and cozy. It is closed from prying eyes by an impressively large fence. There is a small lawn and a beautiful fountain that brightens up the place. There is enough space for several cars. According to reports, the musician spent about 40 million Naira on the house.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new house or an old one, but the renovation is excellent, modern, and tasteful. The important thing is that Davido feels good here.

Olamide mansion in Lekki
Olamide house in Lekki

Olamide house

This rapper, unlike his colleagues in Nigeria does not advertise his real estate very much. On the Internet, there are some photos of his house taken from afar. It’s hard to consider in detail the place where the musician lives. It’s known that Olamide's house is near Lekki. As you can see, Nigerian celebrities love this area! The value of his mansion is about 38 million Naira. They say besides the above house, Olamide has two more mansions.

Olamide and his friends in the house

The house in Lekki is big and has large windows. The yard is also quite spacious. Outside, the mansion looks like the surrounding buildings, but according to reports, the musician invested a lot of money in decoration and repairs. He used the services of professional designers.

Olamide with his son in the house

The impression of the mansion’s interior can only be concluded from the individual videos posted on the Internet. In his house, Olamide spends time with his son or friends. For decoration, we can notice pastel colors: beige, ivory, and peach. Some walls have a brick finish. The furniture is expensive and of high quality. Various tones of brown and gray are predominant here. There is a lot of expensive leather furniture. By style and quality of interior design, we can determine that the house owner is a successful, wealthy, and confident man.

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Linda Ikeji mansion
Linda Ikeji house

Linda Ikeji mansion

She is a blogger who considers herself self-made. Linda is a vivid example that a person can achieve much with hard work and perseverance. Not so long ago, Linda acquired a chic house on Banana Island with a value of 500 - 600 million Naira. The beautiful white mansion combines classic and hi-tech designs. The three-story mansion with large panoramic windows is amazing.

Linda Ikeji mansion

The house is big. The rooms are large and bright. The windows overlook a courtyard. In addition to the six bedrooms, there is a massive bathroom. The predominant colors of décor are white and ivory. On the top floor, there is a beautiful terrace with a magnificent view. The kitchen is painted with brown and black colors.

Linda Ikeji study

Linda Ikeji mansion - kitchen
Kitchen in Linda Ikeji mansion

Linda Ikeji mansion - bathroom
Bathroom in Linda Ikeji mansion

Nigerian celebrities and their houses - Linda Ikeji mansion

On the video and photos on the net, you can see not only the charm of the house but also the impeccability of Linda’s taste when choosing furniture and other interior items. The house decoration is made in pastel colors but with bright colour accents, for example, blue, red or fuchsia. There are paintings, cushions and even some pieces of unique furniture. In addition to the classics, there are some ethnic elements in the decor. Linda Ikeji has furnished her mansion using expensive furniture.

Linda Ikeji swimming pool

At the house, there is a small courtyard and of course a swimming pool which certainly speaks of her luxurious life.

Genevieve Nnaji house
Genevieve Nnaji mansion

Genevieve Nnaji real estate

She is a very popular and successful Nigerian actress. Genevieve earns big money in Nollywood. They say that the actress owns three large mansions. Two of them are in Nigeria: in Ikoyi and Lekki (for herparents). Besides, the film star bought a house in the amount of 4 million dollars in Accra, Ghana.

Genevieve Nnaji in Accra, Ghana

Her houses are huge and beautiful. They are designed in the classical style. These kinds of real estates require significant expenses for their maintenance. It’s rumored that the house in Accra was presented to the actress by a Ghanaian billionaire. Other gossip report say that the above house is only rented by Genevieve. Whatever the truth is, the mansion’s security is taken very seriously.

P-square house on Banana Island
P-square house

P-square's "palace"

Of course, if we talk about the houses of Nigerian celebrities, we cannot leave two super-successful brothers Peter and Paul Okoye out. We have to say a few words about their new chic mansion. The twins bought a very expensive mansion on Banana Island in Lagos. It’s gorgeous and in no way inferior to the houses of the highest paid stars in the world. It’s a real "palace".

P-square house

P-square mansion

The house is very spacious and bright. It has everything you need for a comfortable life. The vast area of the first floor combines a hall, a living room, and a dining room. There are several areas for recreation and guest’s reception. There are high ceilings and beautiful windows as well as many sources of artificial lighting. The house also boasts of expensive furniture and beautiful decor elements.

P-square "palace"

A kitchen in the P-square "palace"

In the interior, ivory, white, brown and black colours are used. A calm colour palette is diluted with bright spots in the decor. The kitchen is made in high-tech style. The main white color is complemented by red elements: chairs, panels on the wall, and lamps.

A cinema in the P-square house

There is even a cinema in the house and a swimming pool in the yard. In addition to the above mansion, the guys also have real estate in the US.

We have now shown you the houses and mansions belonging to some of the famous Nigerian celebrities. Truthfully, they are beautiful. As you can see, anything is possible in life if you have a talent, diligence and a little luck.

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