How to write a letter to your brother who stays in America inviting him to witness a marriage

How to write a letter to your brother who stays in America inviting him to witness a marriage

Being a witness at a marriage ceremony is a great responsibility, it means that you were there when two people were joined in holy matrimony and it also means that you would always be part of their lives.

It could be hard to say yes to especially when you have to come over from another country. You not only have to think about the responsibilities it entails but you also have to consider travel expenses, change in weather and so on.

And a wedding is a gathering where you get to see family members, including the ones you want to see and the ones you try to avoid at all cost.

However, there are a lot of tricky ways you can invite someone as a witness at a wedding in Nigeria and has compiled them for you.

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1. Culture: If the person loves site seeing, try to mention every new construction in Nigeria since the person left. Promise to take him/her out to see every good thing about Nigeria during the time spent for the wedding.

2. Food: Food and meeting new people is the reason why people go for weddings and for someone who has not been in the country for a long time, the best way to get him/her to come is to promise the person more Nigerian food than he/she can stuff.

3. Family: You may not like seeing some of your family members but you would always love to hear juicy gist about them. Add a lot of juicy gossip in your letter and the person would come running down to witness what you said.

4. Reunion: Someone who has been away for a longtime would surely miss a lot of friends and family back home. Promise to invite the friends they miss and the family members they would surely see at the wedding.

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5. Witness: This person would be your witness at your wedding. So remind him or her why he/she is the best person for to be a witness.

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All you need to do is mention everything the person loves and compile them with this list in your letter and always remind the person of how important he or she is to you.

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