An atheist's response to Abubakar Shekau's latest video - by humanist Mubarak Bala

An atheist's response to Abubakar Shekau's latest video - by humanist Mubarak Bala

Editor's Note: This work is only an opinion of the writer, and may not necessarily represent the opinion of the news website, or its staff members, the wish of the writer is that the write up reaches the terrorists leader. (Originally written in the Hausa Language on Legit.nghausa).

Boko Haram, dubbed the most violent terrorist group globally in modern times, with the largest casualty per human head, aims to revive the Islamic System that ruled the regions of old Sudan before colonization by the French and British empires from 18th and 19th Century. They detest freedom, education and democracy as a system of living, and prefer the clueless stone-age, to modern livelihoods. Also, they revived human slavery.

It was during this Eid Celebrations Break in Kano, as I was researching on the atrocities by Buddhist Terrorists on the Rohingya Muslims, over whose religion is more peaceful, that your latest video popped up in the news. In the video, you were mocking the Nigeria military's missed target to capture you in 40 days, dead or alive.

Your utterances, convinced me that your main problem is ignorance, which prompted me to have to write you, not that this may guide you back to sanity, but your followers may find there-in, something to learn from, and hopefully, reason well enough to quit this miserable life of terror and carnage you have unleashed on our and your own people. Over the period fortunately, a lot of your recruits have weaned off extremism when consulting or asking questions about our efforts in spread of reason and humanism when they call for inquiries (+2348032880989 sms text only).

An Atheist's Response to Abubakar Shekau's latest video - by Humanist Mubarak Bala

An Atheist's Response to Abubakar Shekau's latest video - by Humanist Mubarak Bala

Excerpts from your video, you made reference to the ills of education, secularism, science and technology, as well as human freedom and democracy, you claimed it was your god and religion that you only depended on for operational success. Funny enough, you were all surrounded by the 'evils and ills' of the same system you so despise, and its products.

Your religion and god did not avail you the means and methods to make the guns your were wielding, nor the watch on your wrist, nor the medicines you use to treat your casualties, and certainly not the video technology you employ to spread your propaganda and ignorance to the populace. Even the vehicles you and your boys use to pillage, sack, rob and plunder innocents and the weak in those villages, are products of science and technology; secular modern education.

I do not consider you brave, for killing and attacking villagers and towns that you are sure are weak and unarmed, how I wish, these defenseless villagers were armed by the government to defend themselves, their families and property, we would have by then know, if your attackers would be so confident when they sneak to launch attacks and murder and steal peoples' families for slavery. Imagine strapping bombs on little kids to kill themselves and others, only given verses to recite as a key to painless deaths... Pathetic! Know that the time of jihads (such as on Qurayza, Khaybar and Hunayn) are over on our lands.

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Were you to really understand that all this your effort is worthless, of no benefit, neither to you nor your victims, you would have been better off. You would do well, if your would emigrate over to Saudi Arabia, and live under the shari'a you so love, we would have been better off. Exile yourself to the clueless Kingdom that sent us these murderous books that we use to kill our own brothers and sisters, in our own country and region, over trivial non-issues as being Shi'ite, Sufi, or just because we made the choice to discard the unjust theocracy and usher in modernity and democracy.

If and when I am able, I will force Iran and Saudi Arabia, pay compensation to victims of their personal wars and rivalries into our lands, especially the current Boko Haram war; creeping in our minds to recruit and create their minions, with either side rising to murder the other, and destroy our nation. They must stay off, and also pay for all they caused over this period. They could well start by ceasing to send us books of hate, that contain there-in, more that a hundred words of kill, murder, torture, or mutilate, known as holy books, with which our leaders take oaths of office. Plus, they have to cease sending cash and weapons to our shores for their agenda.

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Flee to Arabia and the Middle East, that's the region that self-destructs over ancient books, mythology and superstition, as well as ever welcoming of anyone with jihad intentions,. We here, especially the rationalists, secularists, atheists and humanists, choose peace over jihad, humanism over hate, and spread of education over illiteracy and willful ignorance. This is an age of reason.

Aware we are, of the ancient clueless medieval life that you so much revere, with all accompanying texts, from the time of the birth of Islam, to the times of the jihads, down to the times of the internal civil wars, up to the time of the Usman danFodio Jihads of 1804, but we chose to move on, embrace education, reason and humanism, secularism and democracy, and ban human slavery for good. Whoever wants these should perhaps go to the soon to be extinct ISIS or the clueless Taliban to embrace the real religion as was practiced from long ago.

An Atheist's Response to Abubakar Shekau's latest video - by Humanist Mubarak Bala

An Atheist's Response to Abubakar Shekau's latest video - by Humanist Mubarak Bala

The Luggard colonialist you cursed, and his accompanying British system, is a better alternative to the Danfodio Caliphate (1804-1903) and all its slavery and violence, a better substitute to what our people were practicing here in West Africa. The Tafawa Balewa you despise and insulted, narrated in his fictional novel Shehu Umar, how the caliphate perpetrated unjust wars, slavery and murder over villagers in the name of slavery and jihad.

So we prefer democracy to your call for a return to those times, even if your religion loved and legalized it. Gone are the days my ancestors, invading monarchs and warriors would just climb the plateau or the forests beyond, in the central regions of Nigeria, to capture humans they always described as 'naked filthy heathens' for sport and auction at Kano, Kanem or Sokoto slave Markets. There will no more be a 'Chibok' for you.

The education you so much hate, is what made us realize, that religion is a farce, a clueless way by ancients to explain or make sense of all their surrounding world. Superstition, when taken too seriously, could lead to mental illness. What cures the poison of the blind faith you tasted, is education, and humanism. It hurts to see that you lacked the simplest basic education as a kid, and was discarded by your parents as an almajiri, thus your claim and ridiculing of the facts of science.

Your claim that the 'lies of science' says the earth is flat, and that the processes of rain are against what your religion taught, and even claim these are blasphemies you'd kill for, reminds me of The Church of centuries ago, funny but sad! I blame the past leaders for not forcing all Nigerian parents of your time allow their children to proper schools.

An Atheist's Response to Abubakar Shekau's latest video - by Humanist Mubarak Bala

An Atheist's Response to Abubakar Shekau's latest video - by Humanist Mubarak Bala

It pains even more, to see millions more, almajiri boys still going through the same path you went through, the Almajiri System, a system that wasted your childhood, and is currently wasting the lives of these ones, so they rise in future, for another jihad, under the very eyes of those that boast are our leaders and elders in the north, only visible in times of politics and power play.. so blind that they can't see where our whole problem started, and what needs to be done.

I saw this coming, decades ago, when Yarima Sani Bakura of Zamfara State reintroduced sharia to our lands, and soon after, it started killing us through religious riots. I can predict the future, when these almajiri slave-boys are not educated, as they come of age, Somalia shall meet its mother! It may not be too late for you, Imamu Shekau, to ask your boy, Abu Suleiman, your social media assistant, (the guy that used to chat me up on facebook, and upload on his wall, details of your activities, before his account was deleted), to download google earth mobile app for you, and zoom down your location in Sambisa, you'll see how the earth is really shaped.

You will by then realize your previous knowledge of the world was not education, but guesses by clueless nomads from ancient clueless times, who guessed wrongly, that there were gods, devils, demons, spirits, angels, sin and an afterlife after we die, all are lies based only on faith and not facts. Your martyrdom bombers are just a waste of life and dreams. Know that there is no life after this one, and no amount of faith will make untrue claims become real. We evolved from other life forms, through biochemical processes, we live and die like all life. So make good of the only life we are sure of here and now.

Finally, I am grateful for only one thing from you, the fact that you brought to life, real Islam to all of us, as it was during those early times, with all the murders, lootings, slavery, and jihad plunder, coerced weddings of minors, booty grabbing, and piracy. We only read it as history as sirah, through our faith tutors. Maitatsine did it, in the 1980s, and now you are doing it live. So we have a firsthand opportunity to know and decide if we want such a bloodletting imaginary god into our lives, or teach our children its venomous verses, as for me, never again.

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I have chosen the path of reason, love for humanity, spread of education, reason and humanism, secularism and freedom, hitherto stealthily, but no more, not since when I saw your video in which you murdered that Christian girl who kept saying 'I am not DSS..' back in 2013, I will never forget that moment. For after, I cried my heart out, I decided to leave the closet I lived in as an Ex-Muslim for years since school, for fear of the injunction to kill apostates by my former religion.

I said no more hiding, never again will I keep quiet while my own people live a lie, and kill ourselves, doing it while speaking my language, with my kind of clothing, in my region and country, over someone else's delusion and superstition from far away lands from a distant past... I have decided to speak out, and been on it, for years, and even your last reference and threatening of me in one of your videos in 2014 did not silent me, and never will.

I have killed my fear long ago. I will live free and die free, in my old age, will live to keep spreading freedom until hopefully, all your fighters and recruits dry out, wean off delusion and leave your side, or when your collective PTSD affliction lead you all to continue this your internal civil war murdering each other as the early jihadists did in the 7th century. In the end, when you are left alone with those stolen slave-girls you call wives, we shall know, if their faith in you was really genuine, or if history will again repeat itself, and their silent poison sends you to your imagined aljannah.

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