15 things you must know about shopping on Ebay, Naira to USD rate

15 things you must know about shopping on Ebay, Naira to USD rate

For most people, their first experience in online shopping was Ebay. It has grown hugely popular and despite the proliferation of other websites, it has continued to be used by most people.

If you are interested in using Ebay for shopping, then your best bet is the Ebay search tool to find what you seek.

Below is a step by step guide:

1. Simply type the item you are looking for into the search box. When your results page comes up, look to the left side of the page.

2. This sidebar box will sort the items into categories like clothing, books, DVDs etc. Simply click the link to the category in which your sought after item is listed.

3. Searching for clothing should be done in a different manner in order to bring up the gender and size of clothing you need. Go to the Ebay categories and click "clothing and accesories". Follow those links until you get the category in which you'd like to shop.

For example: You want to buy a t-shirt, so you type 't-shirt' into the search box and look at the results.

4. Once you have found the listings for the item you want, you can choose how you prefer to view them.

At the top, right side of the page, you'll see a drop down list. Simply click your choice and the page will reload with items in that order.

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5. When you find exactly what you're looking for, click on that auction's link. Here, you are going to find everything you need to know to decide whether or not you want to bid. Read the listing carefully and thoroughly!

6. Seller's Information

At the top of the listing, you'll see information about the person or business selling the item. Next to their name is a number and a star.

This corresponds to their buying and selling transactions and their feedback score. There will also be a percentage number.

That is the total percentage of positive feedback ratings this seller has received. You can click the feedback number itself and read the feedback that has been left for this seller.

If the seller has 5,000 transactions and 99.8% of them are positive, that is an indication of an honest, trustworthy seller.

You can also see if the seller has other items listed that you'd be interested in by clicking the link near their seller's information.

7. The ending time area will tell you how much time is left on the auction. It's in days, hours and minute format.

8. Item Information

It is important to read everything that is written about the item. See if it is new or used, if there are any flaws, what the sizes are etc.

9. Shipping Information

Shipping costs will be listed near the top of the listing near the current price. It is usually listed at the bottom as well.

10. Payments Accepted

This area is very important. This will tell you what payment methods this seller accepts like personal checks, money orders, credit cards or PayPal. Read this area carefully to make sure the seller accepts your method of payment.

You can also use the Ebay currency converter to convert from Naira to USD at whatever rate is being used.

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11. How To Bid

At the bottom of the page, you'll see a box where you will place your bid. In addition, it will tell you what the current bid is and at what increments you need to bid.

Type in the maximum amount you want to spend for the item (keeping in mind your shipping costs). Your bid will show at the next lowest amount to the amount showing.

You will receive an email notification with you bid, as well as an outbid notice if someone outbids you. Within this email, you'll have the opportunity to click a link and bid again, if you wish. If you win the auction, you'll receive an email that will tell you how to check out and pay for your item.

12. Buy It Now

Some auctions will have a button near the top of the listing that says "Buy It Now". This allows you to click and purchase that item right then, no bidding required. This is a wonderful way to buy something you need within a specific time frame or something you just have to have.

13. My Ebay

At the top of each and every page, there will be a clickable link for "My Ebay". It is here that you can track everything you are buying, bidding on and watching.

14. Closing Your Sale

Once you have won an aution or purchased an item through "Buy It Now", you need to pay for your item right away.

You can do this by following the instructions in your winning email. If you are paying on another day, or sending payment via mail, let your seller know this by following the directions contained in your winning email.

15. Feedback

Upon paying for your auction, the buyer should leave a feedback comment for you. Once you have gotten your item in the mail, you'll need to leave feedback for your seller. #

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Go to your "My Ebay" page and on the left sidebar, click the "Items Won" link. Next to this item will be a small dropdown box with the "Leave Feedback" option. Click there and you'll be taken to the feedback form.

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