Story of Rev King in Nigeria

Story of Rev King in Nigeria

From this article, you will learn the story of Rev King in Nigeria, also known as Chukwuemeka Ezeugo. The difficult judicial trial has been going on for almost ten years, but now the fate of the pastor is decided. At the end of February 2016, the leader and founder of the CPA church association with the central administration in Lagos was finally sentenced to death. A written confirmation was signed.

Story of Rev King in Nigeria

Rev King story

The problems began in 2006. At Rev King residence, some members of his church who he accused of fornication were burned. One of the victims, Ann Uzoh died in the hospital. While the government dealt with the case, the pastor was taken to the High Court.

The case dragged for over 4 months. In January 2007, the death sentence was pronounced for the murder of Ann Uzoh. Since then, King was stuck behind bars, looking for ways to escape punishment.

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What is most surprising is that, in all these years, parishioners of the church in which he ministered continued to wait for his return and spoke of the criminal as if he was a true incarnation of holiness. To them, he was the General Overseer, punishing sinners for their transgressions.

Every year on February 26, fans of this "hero" took out newspaper advertisements to honour the man on his birthday. It's strange to even think that such a person can serve as an example and inspiration

The Supreme Court presented the criminal with a kind of gift in 2016. Its representatives officially confirmed the death penalty, which Reverend King still hoped to avoid somehow.

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Some articles mentioned about the man's holiness and honesty. He was literally extolled to the status of the Messiah no less than Jesus himself. All these sound strange enough but it is simply complete heresy.

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On the pastor's birthday, there was real madness. Some of his people sang hymns, danced and hailed their hero. Every word of King is met with admiration. Some even made the same hairstyle as the reverend and took the surname King.

  • During the trial, it became known that he beat up and burnt 7 persons. He just poured oil on these people and set them on fire like a bunch of firewood.
  • One woman even reported that after numerous seductions by the man, she got pregnant and had to abort several times.
  • For him, this was a kind of educational method for eradicating disobedience. It is outrageous to think that such things still happen in a modern civilized world.
  • But these are not all the sins of the cruel pastor. He also hired a woman as a slave. She had to serve him. And nakedness was the only way she could do that.
  • It also became known that the pastor had intimate relations with female guests even while in prison.

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Story of Rev King

Perverted church faith

It's just terrible when cruel criminals hide behind holiness, revel in their power over their victims, and act like wolves in sheep's clothing. They claim that God leads them, but in reality, they are under the power of demonic desires. They climb the pedestal and stand above people as if they are deities. The worst thing is that their followers encourage them. It is well known that the crowd likes eccentric leaders. But you can’t be so blind as to trust such a terrible person.

People seem to be hypnotized. They are ready to give their idols their last dime or even to sacrifice their children. They believe that this will bring joy to God, whose messenger is before them.

Besides King, another sad example is the American David Koresh. A couple of his parishioners allowed him to seduce their own daughters who were only 13 years old. These perverted relationships were called "spiritual marriage".

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Another incident was a mass self-murder which happened in November 1978 in America under the leadership of Jim Jones. Just imagine, the charisma of this man was enough to convince 900 people to part with their life.

So you should always think with your own head, and do not accept any absurd instructions that might hurt you.


King is just one of many examples. For the situation to change, it would be worthwhile to execute them all. Fake pastors and prophets are a real plague of the spiritual world of Nigeria. They exhaust all resources from their parishioners to the last drop. In most cases, the state does not pay attention to these actions that are contrary to the sacred teachings. This is a favorable environment for nurturing a faithful audience, on which liars can pounce on. All these lead to a moral crisis in the society.

There is a need to make sure that people stop considering people like King unusual. The only way they are different from others criminals is their extreme arrogance and the beautiful gift of persuasion. Admirers of the murderer find it hard to believe that such a great pastor can be sentenced to death. The earthly laws would not stand against God's messenger, they thought. Authorities must resolutely dispel this illusion and protect citizens of these harmful fallacies.

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We hope you remember the accurate expression of Karl Marx that religion is an opium for the people. This means that the purpose of religion is to create fantasies for the poor. They are inspired to endure torments in earthly life to experience bliss after death. Due to economic crisis, poverty has become rampant. Because of this, religion has acquired an unhealthy, fanatical nature.

This situation spawned Rev King and many other monsters. The death penalty should be an example. Such people used all their second chances and are unlikely to change. Every unscrupulous pastor is to know that his actions are closely monitored and punishment will meet them soon.

Rev King

It is important for the state authorities to study the activities of King's church, compile a dossier for each of its members, if necessary, to completely close this organization and other similar hotbeds of sin. This will help to prevent a religious crisis. This kind of fraud is common not only in Nigeria but all over the world. Only tough measures will curb impunity.

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