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JAMB regularization 2017-2018

JAMB regularization 2017-2018

Now is the time to talk about JAMB regularization 2017! A lot of young people want to become students but do not know how to go about it. JAMB will assist students with achieving their desired degrees! So, what is JAMB regularization? Continue reading if you want to know the answer!

JAMB regularization 2017

What is JAMB regularization?

What is JAMB regularization?

Direct entry registration through the JAMB test has become more complicated in recent years. Long story short, it can be defined as a reconciliation of the following admissions:

  • OND;
  • ND;
  • NCE;
  • HND.

These admissions are required to be regulated between JAMB and your choice of institution. JAMB regularization form is also known as the late application form.

JAMB regularization status

JAMB regularization status

Your JAMB status can be a serious problem! Your college, Polytechnic, university or school can admit you without JAMB. This can happen due to one of two reasons:

  • You can be admitted to the institution as a part-time student. But you may not have your JAMB admission secured so this means you don't have your JAMB number!
  • You may have your JAMB admission, but you haven`t notified JAMB about this admission.

No matter what your situation is– you still have a problem. If you want to eliminate this problem, then you need to follow these simple steps:

JAMB status


  • Now, you need to scroll down the year of your test;
  • Check “Admission Status”;
  • Put in your JAMB number.

After that you may get the following message “Sorry no admission is given yet.” After that, you will need to ask JAMB representatives about further steps to be taken in relation to your JAMB admission.

JAMB regularization procedure 2017

JAMB regularization procedure

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After you have sorted out all problems relating to your JAMB admission, you can now begin your JAMB regularization. Do not forget that you have to pay N10, 000 for your JAMB regularization. It's possible to make a direct payment or use Remita for payment. Your school is not allowed to receive additional charges for this procedure. Follow these steps to complete JAMB regularization!

  • Visit;
  • Choose “Late Application”;
  • Now, you need to create your JAMB profile. Do not forget to use your actual email for this form;
  • After you have created your profile, you can log in by using the password you have chosen while registering the profile;
JAMB regularization students
  • After you're logged into your profile, you will be able to see all available services!
  • Amongst these services, you will need to choose “Late Application.”
  • When you select this, you will get a Transaction ID that you will use going forward. It will be displayed on the confirmation page;
  • Do not forget to review the details provided on the confirmation page. The Transaction ID will always be displayed in a bold red font! This ID is unique! It will be useful for future references in case something goes wrong! Do not worry, a copy of this ID will be sent to your email;
  • You will need to click “Continue” if you wish to pay your admission fees immediately. For this, you will need a bank card. Do not forget that you will need to use your ID if you choose another forms of payment. You can select other types of payment, like ATM, Quickteller or Cash at the Bank;
  • When you get to the Interswitch Payment Page – you will need to enter your bank card details and your ID. After that, just click the “Pay” button;
  • How to check your payment status? Your payment status will be displayed on the “My Payment Section.” You will also get a confirmation message about your payment sent to your email. In addition, you will get the confirmation message on your mobile phone via SMS!
  • After you have made all the payments, you will need to select the “Continue” button;
  • When you complete all necessary identification payments – you will need to provide the “Year of JAMB Exam” and “JAMB registration number”;
JAMB exam
  • If you have entered the information correctly, you will see your application JAMB form displayed on your system! You will need to fill in all required spaces! Do not forget about the mandatory spaces!
  • When you are ready – click the “Submit” button;
  • After submitting, you will be able to print the Indemnity Form;
  • You will need to take this form to your institution for approval;
  • Your institution is responsible for further approval of JAMB submission at the JAMB state office;
JAMB test
  • After that, you will receive a notification about your Approval form;
  • JAMB will process your application thereafter! You may be asked to provide some additional information;
  • The last step is receiving your new JAMB Number! It will be required for NYSC or direct entry! You may also save it for the next year if you want!

JAMB regularization deadline

JAMB line

JAMB will not announce a closing date for the procedure. You will need to act fast to actualize your regularization. Just follow the procedure described above as quickly as possible. It's all that you need for your JAMB regularization status! Keep in mind that you need the following:

  • Your school`s announcement for JAMB regularization deadline;
  • JAMB Number;
  • Name for the Jamb regularization;
  • Direct entry closing date!
JAMB exams

That`s all that you need to know about the JAMB regularization procedure 2017-2018! Do not miss it as it's a crucial process for direct entry! Just follow the steps we stated above and you will have no problems with direct entry into any university!

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