How to identify plastic rice in Nigeria?

How to identify plastic rice in Nigeria?

Have you heard about plastic rice? It is a serious problem that can be found mostly in African countries. Consumption of plastic rice can lead to various stomach related problems including gastritis. It is essential to learn how to detect plastic rice. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by reading this information.

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What is plastic rice?

Plastic rice

In the days of advanced technology, it’s becoming extremely easy to create something and sell it. China is well known for being a country that 'makes it all.' They have now taken things one step further, by creating plastic rice.

But what is it? The plastic or the fake rice is made by using sweet potatoes, potatoes, and industrial synthetic resins or, as it is mostly known, plastic. The potatoes are formed in a shape of rice grains, and then the plastic is added. The fake rice looks exactly like rice. But in order to make it more believable, rice substitute is sprayed over the grains to mimic the smell of rice. The Wuchang rice, to be exact.

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Plastic rice

Reports have it that fake rice has been on the market for at least four years. One of the Chinese officials claimed that eating three bowls of this fake or plastic rice is the same as eating one plastic bag.

You won’t know that you are cooking plastic rice until you’ve tasted it. After cooking, it will remain hard. In addition, the synthetic resin that is mixed with the potatoes is poisonous to the human body. It is terrifying to know this if you ask us. That’s why we decided to teach you how to know plastic rice. Maybe a lot of you consume the Wuchang rice daily, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

How to identify plastic rice?

Plastic rice in bag

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A lot of people are thinking - How can we identify plastic rice? There are tests that you can do to identify fake rice. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if the rice is fake before buying it, but at least you can prevent yourself or your family from eating it. We also recommend testing every brand of rice that you usually by, not just the Wuchang rice. You will never know for sure, even if it is a trusted brand.

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Let’s start the testing!

1. The test with water

Rice in water

You will need a glass of cold water and a tablespoon of raw rice. Place the rice into the water and stir it. The plastic rice will float on the top of the water while the real rice will stay at the bottom. Since you haven’t done any cooking yet, you can get rid of the rice on the top and then cook the good rice. It won’t be dangerous anymore.

2. The test with hot oil

Take a pan and heat some oil in it. Make sure that it’s really hot. Take some grains of rice and drop it into the oil. The fake plastic rice will melt and stick together while the real rice will get nicely fried.

3. The test with fire

Plastic rice burning

Have you ever smelled burning plastic? Take a plastic bottle and burn it a little bit. Now take a handful of rice and burn it too. If the rice is real, you won’t feel the plastic smell, only the smell of burning rice. If the rice is fake, you will know it for sure by its plastic smell.

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4. The test by fungus

In this case, you will have to waste some of the rice that you've bought for sure. Take the rice and boil it. Then leave it in a warm place for at least 2-3 days. After three days, check the rice. If there is no mold on the top, then the rice is plastic. The reason is that plastic is not affected by temperature or weather.

5. The boiling test

Boiling rice

The last but not least - the boiling test. Boil some rice and observe it while boiling. See the thick layer of rice on the top? It’s the fake or plastic rice. Remember how we tested the rice with water and the plastic rice float to the top? The same thing here, but it’s also melting because of the hot temperature.

Remember that you won’t buy a full bag of plastic rice - it will be mixed with real rice. Make sure to place the rice in cold water and stir it before cooking. If there is plastic rice, then you can easily get rid of them.

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Nigeria remains one of the countries with the highest amount of rice that is imported from China. There is a high possibility that part of the imported rice is plastic. Remember to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones by checking the rice. It’s not that long or hard to do, but it will save you from getting poisoned by plastic.

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