Ankara styles for weddings 2017

Ankara styles for weddings 2017

Choosing what to wear on an everyday basis can be quite challenging, especially for the lovely ladies. They want to look good, so every part of their look has to be good. But what about choosing a gown for a wedding? This is even harder because it must look perfect! Today we will help you, beautiful ladies, and show you the Ankara styles for weddings!

Yellow ankara

Why Ankara gowns?

Gorgeous blue

Ankara is gorgeous. That’s it. But seriously, Ankara is so bright and colorful! There are various Ankara styles, and this fabric can be worn to an important event. You can mix different colors and patterns. You can add various accessories and create a look that will be noticed by everyone.

By the way, did you know that besides Ankara long gowns there is also Ankara jewelry? Wow!

Latest Ankara styles for wedding


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It is not necessary to wear Ankara styles gown to a wedding. You can look gorgeous in a short dress or even in an Ankara skirt and blouse! There are no rules here, you can go for it, girl!

So, let's say you are invited to a wedding. You might find yourself feeling lost in the variety of different gowns, colors, and patterns. Don’t worry, we are here for you! We found some unique Ankara styles and great Ankara gown that will fit and flatter your figure. Remember that there is no need to recreate that exact look on the picture - get inspired by the models and create something unique!

1. Look at that gorgeous dress! As you can see, it's not a long gown, but the lady still looks amazing!

Orange and blue

2. This is a great idea for a wedding gown - try to add some accents to your look, like the lady did with her red purse. It will definitely attract some attention to you!

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Purple and red

3. Colors and patterns are always important. Below you can find an excellent example of a good color match.

Beautiful blue

4. You don't have to go with the traditional long gown. Try a new, trendy style.

Red dress

5. The lady below decided to go with a short ankara gown, which looks great on her.

Red and yellow

6. Look at those beautiful colors! And the bow at the back makes the look more interesting. Also, don't forget about accessories!


7. A great dress for ladies who want to enhance their natural figure. The pattern looks amazing and the rich golden color makes the dress quite luxurious.

Yellow dress

8. A more classic option - long pink gown with some interesting details to make the look complete.

Pink dress

9. One of the ankara trends of 2016 - big patterns. They look interesting, especially if the colors are well combined. When you are in a dress like this, there is no need to wear a lot of accessories - earrings and a bracelet (or a watch like the lady below did) will be enough.

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Yellow and red

10. Blue and yellow is always a great combination. Just look at that beautiful dress below. The pattern is just gorgeous and accessories are chosen well.


As you can see, there are many different options. We understand that it may be hard to choose, but at least there is a lot to choose from! Even though Ankara has become very popular and you can see it at almost every important event, people are not tired of it. So go ahead and create your look! Choose different colors and patterns and don’t forget to add some beautiful accessories.

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