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7 solid reasons to try Naija Pay here and now

7 solid reasons to try Naija Pay here and now

Have you heard about Naija Pay ( It is the new, easy and most convenient way to buy airtime and data in Nigeria – no extra payments, no hidden charges, no commissions, and his has been saving people a lot of stress since it launched by us in the end of August 2017!

Users of Naija Pay have been enjoying this service so much and have only good things to say about it due to how convenient it makes purchase; just take John for example. John is a handsome, well to do Lagos bobo, but he had one problem, there is this correct babe in his area he had been mad over.

He finally got a chance to prove what a romantic person he was when he heard it was her birthday on Sunday.

“I am going to make sure you have the best birthday ever” he boasted, “and I will make sure I am the first to call you that day” he added confidently.

John’s prospective bae was however a hard to please babe, she simply laughed and said: “Hmmn, you men, always making promises you will never keep; anyway, let us wait and see.”

Top 7 reasons to try Naija Pay here and now

On Saturday John was running up and down the streets of Lagos searching for the perfect gift and restaurant for her birthday, everything had to be perfect! By the end of the day he was so pleased with all he had done and was sure he would certainly win her heart. Everything was going according to plan until a minute to 12am on Sunday when he tried her number and got that annoying “you have insufficient balance to make this call” voice prompt!

Ha! “Wahala done enter” he shouted! He had been so busy running around that he had completely forgotten to recharge his phone, and of course a Whatsapp call was out of the question (in case you have not heard, that is now classified as something unserious men do). But John suddenly remembered the perfect solution for his problem – Naija Pay!

Top 7 reasons to try Naija Pay here and now

With Naija Pay you can buy airtime and data any time and any day without hassles; the entire process takes less than a minute and you get credited instantly! By simply visiting on your smartphone or desktop, you can conveniently purchase airtime and data for you and your loved ones, from the comfort of your own home.

Needless to say, John was able to do everything perfectly and now he is a happy man living a happy life with the girl of his dreams – John is smart! Be like John! Join the Naija Pay family now! Naija Pay helps you stay connected to your loved ones without stress.

Top 7 reasons to try Naija Pay here and now

Stay connected to your loved ones with Naija Pay!

Still not convinced on why you should switch to Naija Pay? Here are 7 solid reasons to convince you:

1. The service is the part of your favorite news provider

Yes, Naija Pay is hosted by your very own, the one stop portal for latest news as soon as they break, and now we are offering you even more reason to visit out page. Enjoy getting updated with the top stories of the day while you recharge your accounts on the go from your mobile device or desktop computer.

2. Smooth and convenient way to buy airtime or data

The ease and smoothness of purchasing airtime and data on Naija Pay is simply unbeatable; the steps are easy, take less than a minute to complete and you can recharge your devices from the comfort of your own home. No need to leave the comfort of your home or walk the streets searching for voucher vendors, simply visit and complete the transaction in the blink of an eye.

3. No extra fees or commissions

On Naija Pay you are charged the exact amount for airtime or data bundles purchased, you do not have to worry about hidden charges or commissions and it saves you the trouble of dealing with annoying voucher vendors who keep increasing prices unnecessarily. Get good value for your money on Naija Pay!

4. Immediate delivery of service

When you purchase airtime or data on Naija Pay, you get credited instantly! This makes it perfect for emergencies as you do not have to worry about waiting for your account to be credited. With Naija Pay there is no delay in getting credited, everything is instant!

Top 7 reasons to try Naija Pay here and now

5. Simple and secure payment method

The information you share when purchasing airtime and data on Naija Pay are completely encrypted; your data is never saved to the site when you use the service so you never need to worry about third parties getting a hold of your sensitive information such as card details or pins.

6. Naija Pay is available on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers

With Naija Pay you never need to worry about your device being compatible with the service; the site has been customized to work perfectly on any mobile device or computer you wish to use it on. The mobile and desktop versions both work smoothly, so you can enjoy using Naija Pay whenever and wherever as long as your device has internet connection.

7. No need to go search for scratch cards or queue up

With Naija Pay you can completely say goodbye to your days of searching for recharge card vendors, worrying about whether they have the amount of airtime you want, or even stand in line to buy vouchers. Simply whip out your smartphone or computer, visit Naija Pay and get value like a boss!

Good luck, and many thanks for reading!


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