Bitter leaf juice for weight loss: Does it work?

Bitter leaf juice for weight loss: Does it work?

One of the effective methods of combating obesity, according to the list of folk remedies is the use of freshly squeezed juices from some plants. However, this does not mean that juices should replace entire daily diet, not at all. Natural juices for weight loss are only an addition to a balanced healthy diet. Many of them help to increase metabolism, stimulate the body's cleansing and grant the feeling of satiety while eating. These properties of fresh juices can accelerate weight loss, as well as correct important processes in the body. In this article, we’ll talk about bitter leaf juice for weight loss.

Bitter leaf juice for weight loss

What is bitter leaf?

Many people do not even suspect the useful properties of this plant. It is not advertised on every TV channel or Internet site, therefore it has long been undervalued. Although it has a great positive impact on the human body. Let us acquaint you with bitter leaf (or as it also called Vernonia:

  • Botanical name of the bitter leaf is Vernonia amygdalina.
  • It’s herbaceous perennial plant.
  • Homeland is wet forests of tropical Africa.
  • It's the largest shrub of those that grow in tropical African terrain. Height can reach from 2 to 5 meters. The length of leaves is about 20 centimeters.
  • The word "bitter" is due to the taste of the plant.
  • It's often used in the preparation of stews and soups.
Bitter leaf

Benefits of bitter leaf juice for weight loss

Let's talk more about the beneficial properties of this wonderful plant. It has a general effect on the human body and in particular, prevents the formation of cancer tumors. You will have a healthy weight, excellent physical activity due to the right vitamin-rich diet. Just add bitter leaf juice to usual food.

You will not need exhausting hunger diets and any other methods of punishing yourself, which women often use trying to lose weight.

Weight loss

This plant also helps normalize the cholesterol level. This is testified by tests conducted on animals.

Bitter leaf contains useful fatty acids, without which no organism can perform its functions. Women who care about their figure, often forget about it and eat only fat-free food, which disrupts normal processes in the body. These acids do not remain in our body and are very quickly removed. Your organs will be thankful for the powerful charge of antioxidants.

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Bitter leaf juice

Every woman dreams to be slim and go on diets from time to time. An important part of any diet is a large intake of healthy liquid. It means not only pure drinking water but also juices and tea.

All of the above properties are directly related to weight loss. After all, a healthy body do not accumulate slags, fat, and other excess substances. You will feel fresh, energetic, and cheerful. Just regularly use tea made with the juice of bitter leaf or bitter leaf smoothie.

Sure, this plant has a bitter taste. But how sweet will your reflection be in the mirror! Make great cocktails by mixing it with other useful vegetables. So you can enjoy the benefits but dull out the unsavoury taste.

weight loss

Try not to overdo it though. Everything should be in moderation. It is advisable to talk to specialists to avoid the side effect of bitter leaf juice. It may raise the blood pressure, cause problems with heart and increase glucose level if you take too much of it. It is also undesirable to take if you suffer from allergies. A nutritionist can help you make this decision after considering your health.

Enjoy healthy properties, always feel good, and stay beautiful!

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