How to pray effectively to God?

How to pray effectively to God?

Every Christian needs to know how to pray effectively. Nobody wants to simply recite words that mean nothing into empty space. We have compiled a list of tips on how to make your prayer more effective by choosing the right prayer message, time for prayer and a few other crucial elements. Continue reading to find out how to pray in the most effective way possible.

How to pray effectively to God?

What is prayer?

what is prayer

There is no clear definition of what a prayer is. Each believer defines it for themselves. It can be a way to talk to God, it can be a way to thank Him or ask for a favour. No matter what you are praying for, the most important thing is that you do that with belief in your heart.

The importance of prayer is that it allows people to feel connected to God. Even if you are feeling down and alone, prayer can make you feel less lonely, as the Lord always listens.

But here is the kicker:

Billions of people pray at the same time in all the parts of the world. How can you make sure that your prayer reaches Him? You need to work on the effectiveness of your prayers. And that is exactly what we are going to talk about.

How to pray effectively

How to pray effectively

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Of course, there is no wrong way of praying. The whole point of the prayer is to show your true self to God and not to repeat meaningless sentences. However, there are some ways that might help you optimise your prayers. Here are fifteen tips on how to pray more effectively.

Tip №1. Honour and admire our Lord. Recognise His omnipotence and might. He deserves honour, praise and glory. Acknowledge His place in your life and revere Him for all He has done as our Creator.

Tip №2. Have a positive and thankful message. Obviously, many of us pray to ask God for something. Nevertheless, it is important to set our begging aside, especially during our nightly prayers. The Lord is already aware of what you need most in life. Therefore, make sure you thank him in advance, and that your prayer message is positive.

How to pray

Tip №3. Be thankful for the blessings you already have. If you are thankful, God will reward you for that.

Tip №4. Do not harbour sin. If you have sinned, repent. If you have not, stay on the righteous path and ask the Lord to show you the right way. Keep your soul pure.

Tip №5. Be forgiving. Forgive those who wronged you, do not keep anger and hate in your heart. Pray so that God may give you strength to do it and ask him to forgive your enemies as well. Forgive so that you can be forgiven.

Tip №6. Study the Lord’s word. In order to understand how to pray effectively, you must know and understand God’s words. The Bible can help you find answers or define the questions that you might have for God.

Tip №7. Obey the Lord’s word. Live by His word, pray for His guidance. Repent for straying from the path that He has assigned for you. Stay clean and remember that the Holy Spirit will not enter an impure temple.

lord's word

Tip №8. Have a prayer journal. In the journal, you can write a list of people and things to pray for. You can also note the things that came true because of your prayers. However, do not treat it as a way to evaluate God’s responses to your prayers. Use it more as a way to evaluate yourself.

Tip №9. Remember that you reap what you sow. Whatever you might wish upon others, be aware that you might receive the same. Never harbour any ill wishes in your prayers.

Tip №10. Never let doubt into your heart. Your faith cannot waver for one second. As long as you believe, anything is possible.

Tip №11. Never give up. If you start feeling like your prayers are not working, start praying even harder. Never quit, as He would never quit on you.

praying woman

Tip №12. Have some love in your heart. In order to make your prayers more effective, focus on love. Thank Him for giving you your loved ones and keeping them safe and in good health.

Tip №13. Pray for your enemies as much as you pray for your loved ones. Every person in the world deserves God’s love. Which is why you need to pray to God to bless your enemies as well as the people closest to you.

Tip №14. Pray all the time. This does not mean that you need to pray 24/7. Just make sure you thank the Lord for everything, big and small. It can be a thanks for a delicious meal or a successfully signed contract. Thank Him in your thoughts and your daily prayers.

Tip №15. Open your heart to the Lord. Never lie or try to keep things hidden from God. He sees and knows everything, and lying will definitely not improve the effectiveness of your prayers. Instead, own up to your errors and be open to His healing.

Prayer times

prayer times

Many people debate on when is the perfect time for prayer. Some claim that you should be praying all the time: in your thoughts, out loud, at church or at home. Others think that praying three times a day is enough.

But here is the thing:

You can pray whenever you like it. It can be once a day, it can be every hour. The only thing that matters is that you mean it. However, if you still want some direction, try praying when you wake up, before every meal and right before bed. That way, you will always remember to pray, and it is most likely that you will have something to pray about during those hours.

Power of prayer

power of prayer

Prayers are much more powerful than you can even imagine. A well-worded and timely prayer can have an immediate effect on your life. A powerful prayer can show you the way, cure you from your ailments and help you find the answer you are looking for.

But wait, there is more:

A prayer can not only change your life, but also have an effect on the world around you and people inside of it. The Bible has many wonderful examples of how powerful prayers can be. You can experience the power of prayer for yourself. As long as you are earnest and righteous, your prayers can change the world.


If you do not notice change, even though you are praying often and with the greatest devotion, have some patience. Things will come when they are meant to come.

If you stick to our recommendations, you will be able to see the results in no time. So define your prayer request, choose the appropriate prayer points and praise our Lord. God bless you.

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