How much is Nigerian International Passport?

How much is Nigerian International Passport?

If you want to become a holder of Nigeria International passport you must know its price. How much is Nigerian International passport? We have all the information here for you.

How much is Nigerian International Passport?

How much does Nigerian International passport cost?

Nigerian International Passport

The International passport price in Nigeria is, as usual, still a confusing issue. There was information that the price for obtaining a passport would be increased. This is unfair because, why should people pay for a document that they are entitled to receive for free since they are citizens of Nigeria? Why should they buy their own country's passport? Regardless of this point, if you want to get this passport then it's safe to say that you will have to pay a fee.

In 2014, there was an increase in the cost of Nigerian International Passport. The Nigerian Immigration Service increased the price from N7,000 to N20,000. The fee is already so huge but the NIS wants to increase it even more.

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But today there is another problem. Now about 4000 applications are in a hitch in different passport offices. All because there are no booklets. That is why the cost is growing - the booklets are unavailable and the exchange rate is changing.

International Passport

You might be wondering:

"How much is Nigerian International Passport now?"

If you apply in Nigeria, here are the numbers:

1. Age 0-17, booklet type - 32 pages - N8,750; booklet type 64 pages - N20,000.

2. Age 18-59, booklet type - 32 pages - N15,000; booklet type 64 pages - N20,000.

3. Age 60+ - booklet type - 32 pages - N8,750; booklet type 64 pages - N20,000.


The price in all embassies, consulates, and high commissions in US dollar:

1. Age 0-17, booklet type - 32 pages - $65; booklet type 64 pages - $125.

2. Age 18-59, booklet type - 32 pages - $94; booklet type 64 pages - $125.

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3. Age 60+ - booklet type - 32 pages - $65; booklet type 64 pages - $125.

You should also know about the requirements if you intend to pay outside of Nigeria. The payment will be in US dollars if you choose to process your document in another country. In order to fill the application and to pay in US dollars you will be re-directed to an approved payment platform.

When you're done with the payment, attend your interview with the relevant documents. To print the NIS e-receipt on the home page of the portal, click on the "Query your application payment status" link. Select "Passport" option on the next page. It will be under the "Application type".

People with Passports

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Then you need to enter the following details:

- ID of application;

- reference number;

- if applicable - number of validation;

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- submit the details.

Then scroll down and press "Print Receipt". In the new window, you will receive your NIS e-receipt. To send a copy to the printer, click "Print this receipt".

If you want to generate the Passport Guarantor's Form, click on the form of passport guarantor. You must do it at the home page of the Nigeria Immigration Service. Then enter the ID number and the reference which is generated on the acknowledgment slip. Then press the button "Print" to print the first page and then the second page.

The main document

What can we conclude? The Nigerian International passport (e-passport) is the main and only document that confirms that you are a citizen of Nigeria. So you can leave your native country in order to visit others and then return to Nigeria.

But while trying to obtain this passport, there are difficulties as a result of payment. The price changes sometimes and it is constantly increasing so there is the fear that it will increase again. As a result, Nigerian citizens have no other options except to accept the situation when it comes to obtaining passports.

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